Action Required

Effective June 22nd, 2019: Toast’s banking partner will be switching from Fifth Third Bank to Citizen's Bank. 

This will affect the bank account Toast uses to debit and credit your account for payment related funds such as sales deposits and chargebacks.

Action Required:

If you currently utilize an ACH debit block or filter, please provide your bank with the following updated information to prevent payment processing errors (debit blocks are sometimes used to protect businesses against unauthorized ACH transactions, allowing you to specify which companies are authorized to debit your account). 

If you do not utilize an ACH debit block, no action is required. 

Updated account information:

  • Current Company Description: 5/3 Bankcard
  • Future Company Description:  Citizens Bank
  • Future Company ID for Billing: 9803595965
  • Future Company ID for Settlement: 1264535957

Questions? Contact Toast Support at (617) 682-0225.