Your Guide to Toast’s NRA Products

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Want a sneak peek of all the awesome products we’ll be showcasing at the National Restaurant Association Show? Look no further than this post!

The National Restaurant Association Show will take place in Chicago from May 21-24, 2022. Stop by and say hi to experts from our team at booths #6867 and #5839! We also invite you to join us at our happy hours in our booths from 3:30-5:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

In the meantime, here’s a first-hand look at the products we will be showcasing at the National Restaurant Association Show.

For more information and to book an exclusive demo with a Toast expert you can visit Toast’s NRA Show official site. 

POS 3 

We will be showcasing our new and improved POS experience. It’s been reimagined with a modern look that’s easier to set up, learn, and use. POS 3 also features dark mode to make those late-night shifts easier for bartenders’ eyes. 

Toast Point of Sale
Learn how a better point of sale system can help you run your restaurant.

Mobile Dining Solutions 

Our Mobile Dining Solutions is a flexible suite of different dining tools that power mobile payments, digital menus, and mobile ordering, customizable for your unique needs. Combat the labor shortage, increase revenue, and earn more tips, all while collecting valuable data to keep your guests coming back. 

Toast Mobile Order & Pay™

With Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, guests can scan a QR code, view the menu, place an order, and pay — all from their phone. You can serve your guests better and increase ticket sales by about 9%. Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ puts guests in control of their dine-in experience by allowing them to order and pay for their meal from the convenience and safety of their own devices. This allows your staff to spend less time punching in orders, swiping credit cards, and closing out checks, so that they can spend more time providing great hospitality. Delight guests, improve table turn times, and increase sales with Toast Mobile Order & Pay™.

Toast Mobile Order & Pay™
Give guests the experience they're looking for with mobile order & pay - easy access to what they want, when they want it, from their own device.

Menu & Pay

This allows guests to scan a QR code, view the menu, and pay from their phones. Eliminate the need for a server to bring over a printed copy of the menu and allow your guests to scan a QR code to view the menu digitally and pay directly from their phones. 

With digital menus, your restaurant can more easily adjust offerings and pricing or promote specials to streamline operations. Plus, digital menus allow you to save on materials and ditch the stress of sanitizing physical menus after each table. This feature is included as part of the Core POS subscription and can be turned on right from your Toast account.

Scan to Pay

This solution allows guests to scan a QR code and pay from their phones. Scan to Pay allows guests to scan a QR code on the receipt and pay for their meal right from their mobile device. This feature is included as part of the Core POS subscription and can be turned on right from your Toast account.

These mobile dining solutions help eliminate wait times and reduce trips to and from the terminal with a flexible service model. Servers and guests can start and add to the tab, and items are immediately sent to the kitchen. Through seamless POS integration, you can update your menus in real-time. This means you can 86 an item from anywhere or test new pricing without wasting time or money printing new menus. Simplify checkout for guests and staff. With Apple Pay, guests can pay in less than 10 seconds. Checkout using Toast mobile payments can save servers time when compared to traditional checkout methods.

Toast Performance Center 

Toast Performance Center provides you with actionable insights and recommendations to improve your bottom line. With the Performance Center and Channel Insights, restaurants can now understand which channels are driving most of their orders, the total cost of each channel (taking into account monthly costs and commission fees), and the margin for each channel. With this detailed information, a restaurant's monthly P&L statement will reflect all costs and allow restaurants to focus on the channel driving the most sales.

You can easily change your view and look at insights for the week-to-date, last week, month-to-date, or the last month. Data is frequently refreshed every hour and will only account for closed orders; Open checks will not be part of the calculations. With Toast Performance Center you get insights on demand, with automatic data analysis so you can focus on what you do best.

Toast Community Platform 

The Toast Community Platform is a way to connect with like-minded restaurateurs. It is a one-stop-shop that will provide a destination for the restaurant industry to share resources, best practices, success stories, industry trends, and more. Throughout this experience, you will also create meaningful relationships with other passionate industry members. The Toast Community Platform is coming this fall and will be integrated with your Toast experience so you'll be able to log in via Toast Web. Look out for more updates soon on this awesome experience. 

Hotel Restaurant 

Toast POS works together with your Property Management System to help streamline operations, increase revenue, and deliver great hospitality. Equip your hotel restaurant with a hospitality-first POS platform that keeps staff in sync and serves guests where they are – whether that’s tableside, poolside, at the bar, or in their room.

For more information on how Toast POS can help your hotel run more efficiently click here

Meet us at the show 

Want to learn more about these exciting new products? Meet us at the National Restaurant Association Show and talk to one of our experts. We are so excited to be back at the NRA Show and look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on Toast at NRA visit this page

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