Toast Hardware, built for your restaurant.

Run your operations 3 times faster than you are today with hardware you can rely on. Built and designed specifically for you, right here at Toast.

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From a cashier and store perspective, the responsiveness of the hardware is the best. The touch on it is noticeably faster. This is more like a phone with a light touch versus other POS, you can feel the difference immediately, it’s just a more pleasant experience overall.


Austin Brinson

B. Good

Commercial-grade hardware built to withstand the rigors of your restaurant.

  • Toast Flex and Toast Printer are spill-proof and stand up to grease, dust, and temperature changes, so your restaurant will keep running, no matter the conditions. 

Industry-leading order and payment processing speeds keep your restaurant running efficiently even during the busiest times.

  • Toast's proprietary hardware and software performs 3x faster that iPad and legacy POS, allowing you to line bust and turn more tables faster than before.
  • Improve your guest's experience by empowering guests to pay however they want-- tap, dip, or swipe. Process dip payments in under 2 seconds and tap payments in under 1 second.

Elegant, adjustable designs work for all restaurant types so you can deliver the best employee and guest experience.

  • Toast Flex, which is 14” and flips, and can be adapted to Toast Flex for Guest and Toast Flex for Kitchen. The slim, rounded design doesn't block guests’ views of your restaurant.
  • Form Factor flexibility allows you to flip the Toast Flex screen, select high/low mode, or mount it on your wall so you can engage with your guests how you prefer. 
  • Toast Hardware requires just two cables to and provides faster ordering and processing speeds for your restaurant.

POS hardware informed by and built exclusively for, restaurants.

  • Toast Hub is small enough to fit under your counter, hiding wiring and creating additional counter space for a more polished look.
  • Toast Hub's power break light allows you to quickly and easily troubleshoot in dark under-counter space or if the power goes out.

Streamline implementation and minimize downtime with a quick and easy installation process.

  • Toast Hardware ships in just 2 boxes, each with unique compartments for each specific component, as well as detailed, simple and color-coded instructions.
  • One wire connects Toast Flex to the Toast Hub or Toast Printer, so you'll be up and running in no time.