Let guests order and pay from the convenience and safety of their own device*

Toast’s new ordering & payments solution allows you to:

  • Offer guests a touchless ordering and payment experience to eliminate the back and forth of menus, checks, and pens
  • Connect guest information with every order so you can know who is ordering what, and drive targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improve table turn times by allowing guests to control their ordering and payment experience

*This product is in still in development and customers will be granted access periodically in late May and early June based on their eligibility criteria.

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Why restaurants can benefit from mobile order & pay

  • Reduce transmission risk
    Guests can order and pay at the table or in line, from their own device, without needing to touch menus, checks, or pens.

  • Manage restaurant capacity
    Fire orders directly to the kitchen and eliminate the back and forth with the bill to improve table turn times.

  • Collect valuable guest information
    Collect names and contact information with every order, so you can better understand your guests and know who orders what.

  • Run a lean operation
    Adjust your staffing plan to reduce labor costs and avoid overcrowding in your restaurant.

I want to put this in [all 20] of my restaurants ASAP. I see this as critical to reopening.

Early mobile ordering & payment customer