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Reinventing the Digital Restaurant Guest Journey

Create an experience that makes your guests feel recognized

Personalized guest engagement is what the industry needs to move away from generic promotions and towards truly meaningful interactions. Utilizing data to tailor those experiences enhances guest satisfaction and boosts their lifetime value. With Incentivio you have a bird's-eye view of your restaurant. We’ve studied thousands of restaurants across North America to identify what attracts customers and keeps them returning for more.

Our loyalty programs are entirely based on customer data and what moves your customers through the guest journey. How do we guarantee that it’ll be tailored to you? Incentivio takes a unique approach, using your customer data to provide you with insights about how best to serve your audience. We don't make sweeping generalizations; we treat each restaurant, big and small, as a unique entity and their data as such.

Our built-in-house platform will help consolidate and streamline your tech stack, allowing you to focus more on running your restaurant and less on the tech your company needs to run. 

The Incentivio Platform includes:

  • Fully customizable loyalty programs — with both point, tier, and punch options

  • Commission-free online ordering

  • Custom white-label mobile app

  • Gift card pooling between all locations

  • Marketing tools for app notifications, texting, and emailing your guests

  • Proprietary Churn Management functionality that identifies guests at risk of churning

  • Proprietary Guest Journey dashboard to view and target your guests in each segment/stage of their journey (Strangers, Rookies, Regulars, Loyalists, Sliders, and Churned) 

Algorithmic Power

Thanks to the power of machine learning and AI, Incentivio has created a program that offers upsell items specialized to your customers' orders and smart categorization of your customers. 

The best part? Incentivio can see churn before it happens and gives you the tools to bring guests back before they leave. The proprietary churn management functionality identifies guests at risk of churning, empowering restaurants to proactively reengage them with tailored offers before they’re lost for good. By moving beyond one-size-fits-all loyalty, Incentivio is transforming how restaurants cultivate and retain their most valuable customers.

How Incentivio Integrates with Toast

Incentivio has been partnered with Toast for over seven years. We utilize the latest toast APIs to provide a seamless experience across menus, ordering, loyalty, payments, and marketing. When a customer orders through the mobile app or online ordering their order fires directly to the Toast POS printers and/or KDS screens based on the routing you set up in Toast. You can 86 items in real-time in Toast and have them reflected on the Incentivio mobile app and online ordering pagers in real-time. You can also void, refund, or edit digital orders on the Toast POS or in the Toast admin portal at any time. In-store, online, and in the mobile app, you can reward guests, add to their loyalty balance, and accept gift cards using the camera on the Toast POS or scanners. 

Mutual customers that have seen success with Toast and Incentivio: Philly Pretzel Factory, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, Protein Bar & Kitchen, Earthbar

"We are grateful to partner with Incentivio as an extension of our ‘ohana. The data insights, mobile ordering, and loyalty they provide have been invaluable to our shops and our ability to build more thoughtful relationships with our guests. By deploying targeted offers and rewards, we’ve seen a significant increase in repeat loyalty visits and guest satisfaction with 19% recurring revenue coming from our loyalty members, ultimately driving success for our local franchise owners."

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Key Benefits

  • Mobile app & online ordering
    Their white-labeled mobile apps and online ordering are visually stunning and have fast load times, providing a quick, easy way to order. Add delivery integration for commission-free delivery.

  • Loyalty
    Incentivio’s loyalty integration works seamlessly on mobile, web, and in-store. Staff can easily look up customers and apply rewards in Toast.

  • Gift cards
    Add a new revenue stream with gift cards and lower your effective processing rates. This also reduces friction for guests with scan-to-pay in-store.

  • 360 CRM & analytics
    Use metrics like same store sales lift, conversions, and average basket value to understand your customers and make data-driven decisions.

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