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Toast + Stream

Menu and order management system for restaurants & eateries!

Think of Stream as Grand Central Station; all of your 3rd-party orders (Uber Eats, GrubHub, Google, DoorDash, etc…) will go straight to your Toast POS/KDS & print a ticket for the kitchen. Direct Delivery Integration! No need for multiple menus & tablets for each 3rd Party channel. Additionally, with Stream you can make changes to your 3rd-party menus that will not affect your in-store menu.


  • Order Management
    Not only does Stream send all of your orders directly to your POS, we also provide these order management solutions: 1) Real-time order cancellation, 2) Direct communication channel to customers, and 3) Edit prep times & throttle orders.

  • Multi-Unit & Ghost Kitchen Management
    With Stream you can not only manage all your physical locations but you can also add all your virtual brands and manage everything in one place.

  • Seamless Onboarding
    In less than 30 mintues you can sync your Toast Menu with Stream and have any change made on Toast be automatically reflected on your 3rd party channels

  • Menu Management
    From Stream you can: Increase prices across 3rd-party channels, edit photos, adjust modifier rules, edit specific menus & more.

Visit Stream for more information!

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