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Building an Automated Campaign

The secret to bringing guests back to the restaurant lies within your ability to leverage customer data available to you through Toast Now to create an automated email marketing strategy. These campaigns can help you increase revenue by increasing the frequency of orders from guests and driving additional sales from lapsed guests. 

Please note, automated campaigns will only be available to those who have added Digital Ordering and / or E-Gift cards to their Toast Now suite in addition to the Toast Marketing module at this time. This is because order data collected through digital orders and online e-gift card purchases is required to automatically trigger emails to guests. 

Toast Now

Setting Up Your First Automated Campaign

1. In, navigate to the Marketing section and select Email Marketing

2. On the Email Marketing dashboard, select Create Email Campaign.

3. Then, choose an automated campaign template from the gallery. 

4. Select your start date. This will be the day that your first round of emails will reach your eligible guests. 

5. When you’re ready to edit your email layout, select Edit Design.

6. Customize your design. Make sure it matches the theme of your campaign and reference Designing Your Email Layout in Creating Your First One-time Campaign to add new sections. If your restaurant has multiple locations, keep in mind that automated email campaigns will be sent to guests of all locations within your restaurant group.

7. Then, select Save to finalize your changes to the email layout. Use the Preview & Test button to preview the final look of your email or to send yourself a test mail. 

8. When you're ready, select Start Sending to enable automated emails for your guests. Your campaign will then appear under the Current Campaigns section of your Email Marketing dashboard. 

Note, should you need to edit, stop or view stats for your email campaign, select View Details from the Email marketing dashboard and select Manage on the campaign page. 

Toast Now

Automated Campaigns Available

Curious to see what automated campaign templates we have to offer? Use the chart below to learn more about each automated campaign available and find the one that best fits your restaurant's needs.



Targets guests who provided their email address to your restaurant when ordering or purchasing a gift card for the first time. 

Miss You

Targets guests that have not ordered from your restaurant in 30 days or more. 

Repeat Guest

Targets "regulars" of your restaurant to share a thank you message or special offer after every 5th order. 

Big Spender

Targets guests with a higher than average spend at your restaurant to share a thank you message or special offer. Simply set your custom threshold and emails will be sent to guests whose check average exceeds it. 

Here are a few example emails you can create with some of the templates above!