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Promoting Online Order Deals with a Spotlight Feature

Need to get the word out about a new online ordering deal or news about your restaurant re-opening? Use the Spotlight Feature to highlight your latest announcements at the top of your Toast Online Ordering Page. 

***This feature is currently in limited release with select customers. If you do not have access to this feature yet, stay tuned for a future update.***

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Setting Up Your Spotlight Feature

1. In Toast's back-end, select Online Ordering under the Other Setup section.  

2. Scroll down to the Spotlight Feature and enter a catchy headline for your announcement in the Banner Message field. (Ex: "Who wants 50% off?" Or "Last chance to try our Spring Menu") 

3. Optional: Add a more in-depth description of your promotion or news in the Additional Details field. If this field is used, a More button will appear on the banner message that will show this additional information when clicked.  

Note, this is a great place to use a promo code to share discounts with your guests. Not sure how to create a discount with a promo code? Check out this article

4. When finished, Save and Publish your changes. The following is what your guests will see: 

Online Ordering Page:

After Selecting "More":

Toast Now

Spotlight Feature Ideas for Guests

The Spotlight Feature is a quick and easy way to communicate with guests visiting your online ordering page. It can be used to share important updates, discounts, pickup instructions and more! Check out our list below for some ways you can start utilizing the Spotlight Feature.  

IdeaHow to Execute
Announcing Specials / New Menu ItemsUse a Banner Message like "Hot off the Press: Our new Signature Sushi Roll" or "Check out Today's Lunch Deal" to grab your guest's attention. Then, use the Additional Details section to tell them about the new / special item and where they can find it on your online menu. 
Sharing Special DiscountsHave a discount you want to share with your guests? Be sure to add a promo code to your discount and feature it in the Banner Message and the Additional Details fields. Remember to let your guests know if there are any qualifiers necessary for the discount like the purchase of 1 or more entrees. 
Updated Restaurant / Online Ordering HoursPost an update to your restaurant's main operating hours or online ordering hours in a way that's short, sweet, and to-the-point. Ex: "Order until 1am on Friday nights"
Sharing Restaurant UpdatesTaking certain measures to keep guests safe during the shutdown? Re-opening your restaurant soon? Use the Banner Message to convey updates that are short, sweet, and to-the-point. Try "Breaking News: We're opening up our doors June 10th" and use the Additional Details field to further explain your announcement. 
Submitting Catering OrdersInform guests on the best way to submit Catering requests. Is there a menu they can navigate to on your online ordering menu? Should they call the restaurant and place the order over the phone instead? Use the Banner Message to highlight the availability of catering options and the Additional Details section to specify how and when these orders should be placed. 
Promoting Your Loyalty ProgramReward your guests who keep coming back for more. Use the Banner Message to notify guests of your Loyalty program and use the Additional Details field to post your sign up link, talk about perks or let them know how to redeem their points. 
Promoting E-Gift CardsIf your restaurant sells gift cards online, copy and paste your E-Gift card link into the Additional Details section along with your message. If your restaurant uses Toast Gift Cards, direct guests to purchase a gift card at the top of the online ordering page. 
Using Curbside PickupNotify your guests that they can pick up their favorites from your restaurant without having to step inside. Use the Additional Details field to let guests know they can select Bring my order to my car during checkout. 
Communicating 86'd or Restocked ItemsIf you need to '86 a popular item or are bringing a popular item back in stock, consider posting a quick announcement using a Banner Message and include where guests can find that item in your menu using the Additional Details field. 
Sharing Your Delivery ScheduleIf your restaurant offers delivery for a few days a week or on another varied schedule, communicate this to your guests and let them know when / how they can utilize this dining option. Ex: "Delivery Available Thurs - Sat for orders over $20"
Online Ordering UnavailableIf you need to disable online ordering temporarily, consider adding a Banner Message to reinforce this message to your guests. Additionally, if you will be closed for an upcoming holiday, give your guests a heads up in the week leading up to the closure. 
Supporting the RestaurantLet guests know how they can support their favorite neighborhood restaurant by buying a gift card or donating a lunch to a health worker / family in need. 
Promoting Social Media Pages / Email MarketingSocial media and email marketing is a great way to keep guests up-to-date on the happenings in your restaurant. Give guests a clear call-to-action through the Banner Message and let them know how they can sign up for updates or follow you on social media using the Additional Details field. Ex: "Join the Kombucha club and follow us on Instagram Today!"
Checking ID for guests 21 years and overFor the sale of alcohol and other age-prohibited items, inform guests of any policies to verifiy their age upon pickup or delivery. Ex: "Present photo ID at time of pickup. Must be 21 years or older."