Tell your story (and build customer loyalty)

This Restaurant Branding Guide will give you tips on how to create a restaurant brand that stands out, attracts customers, and drives repeat visits.

What's inside?

  • How to define your brand through your mission and vision, restaurant concept, and target market
  • Ways to create a brand identity such as unique selling points, design elements, and a brand book
  • Specific methods to make your restaurant brand well known through social media, your website, and marketing
  • Examples of real restaurants with strong brands and why they’re successful throughout

Whats Inside

What is a restaurant brand?

Your restaurant brand is essentially how your guests perceive your business and feel during their dining experience. Your brand should be on display before your customers actually step foot into your restaurant, through marketing channels like your website, social media, and advertising.

Why is branding important in a restaurant?

No matter what type of restaurant business you own, your brand matters because it represents a commitment to your customers. Internally, establishing a strong brand gives you a guiding light when it comes to making decisions about your restaurant, whether you’re wondering how to decorate your establishment or what to write for an Instagram caption.

Your brand is made up of decisions you make early on, but it’s also something you’re constantly working to improve and promote.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Branding

Build a restaurant brand that you’re proud of, and your customers will sense your authenticity and appreciate it.

We hope that by reading this guide and applying its tips and best practices, you’ll create a strong restaurant brand that will help you outshine the competition.

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