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Reimagine Restaurant Staffing: April 26, 2-3pm EST
Reimagine Restaurant Financing: May 17, 2-3pm EST
Reimagine On-Premise Dining: June 7, 2-3pm EST
Reimagine Digital Hospitality: June 28, 2-3pm EST
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Restaurant Recovery

Throughout this fall, join Toast for a four-part virtual event series, each focusing on a different aspect of running a restaurant during COVID-19. Register now to listen to real restaurateurs share what it's been like to run their businesses this year, and how they've ended up with a plan of attack that's working for them.

See What’s Inside

These are tough times for restaurateurs. As the industry adapts to the challenges of 2020, we have an opportunity to learn from one another and share the tactics and strategies we need to survive and thrive in the current business climate.

Over the course of four virtual panel discussions, we'll hear from 12 restaurateurs about what's worked, what hasn't, and how they're planning to move forward.

OCTOBER 19th, 3-4pm EST

Serving Up Safety: Creating Contactless Guest Experiences

86% of guests ranked a contactless experience as their top priority when returning to restaurants. In this discussion, restaurateurs will share their experiences transforming their operations - from creating a prepped food to-go fridge with its own brand, to selling meat by the pound - to deliver a safe, hospitable guest experience.

In partnership with Staples Connect, who are providing Toast customers exclusive discounts up to 25% off essentials to run your restaurant like custom menus, signs, PPE, sanitizer, paper and more.

NOVEMBER 2nd, 3-4pm EST

The Future of On-Premise Dining

On-premise dining is changing for the long haul. In this discussion, you’ll hear from restaurateurs about how they adapted their physical spaces and their operations to run safely during COVID, from expanding to a cabana, winterizing their patios, and letting guests order from their phones. 

In partnership with OpenTable.

NOVEMBER 16th, 3-4pm EST

Optimizing Your Digital Ordering: Saving Money and Time with Takeout and Delivery

Did you know that restaurants save an average of $3000/month when they receive orders through their website, instead of through third-party delivery companies? In this discussion, you’ll hear from restaurateurs about how they pivoted their business to focus on takeout and delivery, and how they kept revenue coming in through those channels with great marketing.

DECEMBER 2nd, 3-4pm EST

Staffing Models for Growth: The Future Restaurant Workforce

How can new ways of managing your staff and your technology increase tips and make your restaurant a great place to work? The restaurant industry is starting to test new service and compensation models to meet the needs of their staff in COVID-19. We’ll discuss how restaurateurs are reconfiguring how they hire, train, and retain their staff members, and which of these changes will likely be sticking around.

In partnership with 7shifts and xtraCHEF.