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Setting Up Toast Delivery Services

Learn how Toast Delivery Services works with your restaurant point of sale, how to set the service up with 3 easy steps, and get answers to TDS customer support FAQs.

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What is TDS and how does it work?

What is Toast Delivery Services?

Toast Delivery Services leverages 3rd party delivery network partners to dispatch local drivers that allow guests to order delivery directly from you - without having to hire your own drivers - all while maintaining your margins and guest data. 

How does it work?

Toast Delivery Services works hand-in-hand with DoorDash. Instead of using delivery drivers on your staff, Toast will dispatch a DoorDash driver when a delivery order is placed with your digital ordering channels.  

Here are the key details:

  • It's important to note you can only choose one delivery option. If you are using your own delivery drivers for your restaurant, you will not be able to use the Toast Delivery Services feature at the same time. 
  • A delivery zone of 5 miles (except for NYC) is set by DoorDash automatically. No action is needed to set this zone up. This cannot be expanded beyond 5 miles.
  • DoorDash requires there to be a 20% tip automatically selected by default when a guest is checking out. This can, however, be altered by the guest. DoorDash will invoice the restaurant monthly for tip amounts - 100% of the tip goes to the driver.
  • Unless you already have an existing delivery fee set up, an automatic delivery fee of $2 will be added on to your delivery orders to subsidize the DoorDash charge. You can increase or decrease this fee - check out the Set Up section below to see how! 
  • An invoice will be sent to your business for both the delivery fees and tips on a monthly basis.

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Toast Delivery Services Set Up

Once you have signed your Toast Delivery Service contract, TDS will be activated in your account within 7 days.

In the meantime, request access to the DoorDash Portal where you will track your orders and drivers once the tool has been enabled in your account. You can save time by requesting access now which will allow your portal access to be ready before you start processing orders.

Once your account is activated, watch this short video or follow the 3 simple steps below for final setup.

Step 1 - Turn Toast Delivery Services On

Start by logging into Navigate to the Other Setup header and select Takeout / Delivery


Under the Delivery section, there will be a Delivery Enabled? option. To turn on Toast Delivery Services, select Enable delivery using delivery services (i.e. Delivery by DoorDash).

It's important to note you can only choose one of these options. If you are using your own delivery drivers for your restaurant, you will not be able to use the Toast Delivery Services feature. Restaurants cannot have both at all (ex. cannot have Toast Delivery Service on weekends and their own drivers on weekdays).


Step 2 - Change your Delivery Fees

Unless you already have an existing delivery fee set up, a default delivery fee of $2 will be added on to your delivery orders to subsidize the DoorDash charge. This can be changed by navigating further down the Takeout / Delivery page and selecting the Configure delivery service fees link under the Delivery Fee header. 

This will take you to the Service Charges page. You will see a default delivery fee of $2. By selecting the Delivery Service charge, you can edit the amount. In this example we adjusted the fee to $3.50. 

NOTE: The auto-generated Service Charge default is set to not be taxed. If you need to edit it go to the Service Charges page, select the delivery service charge and make your adjustment in the Taxed? section.

You can also set a Waived Fee Threshold, so the fee is waived if a guest orders with a total cost over the set amount. For example, if your threshold is at $35 and a guest's total is $35.50, the fee would be waived for the guest. 

Be sure to Save and Publish your changes.

Step 3 - Set a Delivery Minimum

To use Toast Delivery Services, you can add a delivery minimum.

This can be done by navigating to the Other Setup header on the homepage, and selecting Online Ordering.


Next, select Use rules under the Approval section.

User-added image 

Select  Enable Delivery Minimum and Reject in the Enforcement column. In the Trigger Amount column, enter the $ amount you would like as a minimum for delivery orders. In this example, the delivery minimum amount is set at $15.

User-added image 

Save and Publish your changes!

Congratulations! You are all set to take Toast Delivery Service orders online. This is what you will now see on your online ordering page:

We suggest that you request access to the DoorDash Drive portal right away. Use this form to make the request. The portal gives you access to things such as placing new orders, managing active orders, and order history. You can learn more about setting up your DoorDash portal in the How To Set Up My DoorDash Drive Portal section.

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Toast Delivery Services - Customer Support FAQs

Use this section as a resource for DoorDash and Toast Delivery Service support topics. Below are answers to FAQs.

For a printable quick reference guide including DoorDash contact information, click here or on the image below. 

FAQ Topics:

Delivery Timing and Hours
Delivery Radius
Delivery Fees
Driver/Order Issues
Door Dash Portal
Guest Information
Managing Order Volume
General Questions

Delivery Timing and Hours

How is the delivery time determined for the guest?

This is done by using your Online Ordering prep times to set a pickup time for the driver. To learn more about setting your Online Ordering prep times, check out the article Online Ordering: Advanced Settings. The guest then sees that prep time plus the estimated time DoorDash will take to deliver the order.

How does the driver know when to pick up an order?

Your "Online Ordering/Order API Prep Time" is used as the pickup time for the driver. This is set up in the Prep/Time section. Go to Other Setup and select Prep/Delivery Time.

User-added image

What hours are used to determine when delivery is available?

Takeout Hours  in your Online Ordering Schedule are used for Toast Delivery Service. To view, go to Other Setup and select Online Ordering Schedule.


User-added image

Can guests schedule future orders through Toast Delivery Services?

Yes, guests can select a future order time using the dropdown menu when placing an order online. The order will then be fired to the kitchen using the prep and delivery times so it is delivered to the guest by the time they selected. 

Delivery Radius

What is my delivery radius?

The radius is set automatically by DoorDash. The delivery radius is 5 miles (except for NYC). This cannot be expanded beyond 5 miles. Please keep in mind that this may not be the same as your delivery radius on the DoorDash app.

Delivery Fees

If I want to offer free delivery for a period of time to my guests, how can I do that?

Go to Service Charges and set the Waive Fee Threshold to $1. This will make the delivery fee free to guests.

DoorDash will charge a per order delivery fee. The TDS system sets a $2 Delivery Fee as a default. Can I change the default $2 delivery charge to help subsidize the cost?

Yes, the delivery fee can be edited by selecting Configure delivery service fees under the Delivery Fee section. This setting can also be found by logging into, navigating to the Payments header, and selecting Service Charges.

How do taxes work with fees that I pay to DoorDash?

Contact your tax professional for any tax questions.

Can I charge different delivery fees based on order size?

Yes. Multiple delivery fees with different "waive thresholds" can be set up so that the fees drop off as the guest's cart size grows. This helps encourage larger orders to protect against small order sizes.

In the example below there are 3 Delivery Fees with different "waive thresholds". As the cart size grows, the delivery fee decreases until they all drop off at orders over $100 for free delivery.

Ex. 1: $10 order would charge the customer a $7.50 Delivery Fee and cost the restaurant $0 (0%)

Ex. 2: $40 Order would charge the customer a $5 Delivery Fee and cost the restaurant $2.50 (6.25%)

Ex. 3: $100 Order would charge the customer $0 Delivery Fee and cost the restaurant $7.50 (7.5%)

Driver/Order Issues

What do I do if the driver is over 15 minutes late for a pick up or never arrives?

Reach out to DoorDash support at (855) 599-7066.

Where can I see detailed information information about my orders and DoorDash drivers?

You can do this by looking at the DoorDash Drive Portal. Click here to learn more about the portal.

If I need support from DoorDash, what should I do?

There are different ways to get support with DoorDash:

What if the driver picks up the order but the guest never receives it?

Only the restaurant can reimburse the guest at their discretion. Depending on the refund reason, you can then contact DoorDash to be reimbursed for the refund. Click here for a refund chart.

Billing and Refunds

How do refunds work with DoorDash?

This depends on the refund reason. Check out DoorDash's refund reason chart here. Refunds are deducted from your monthly invoice. For example if you owe DoorDash $700 at the end of a month and you had $20 worth of refunds. The $20 will be deducted from the $700 you owe on your invoice.

How do tips and invoicing work?

DoorDash invoices you monthly for tips and delivery fees. Tips and delivery fees are deposited into your account as they get charged to guest, and invoicing happens one time per month.

How do I see more details on my invoice from DoorDash?

There is a link in the email you received and at the bottom of the invoice with more specifics on billing details. 

What is the aggregator fee?

In order to mitigate the restaurant from receiving multiple invoices, DoorDash invoices the customer for the delivery fee and Toast fee per order at the end of the month. The aggregator fee is the Toast fee owed to Toast by the restaurant and invoiced by DoorDash on behalf of Toast. It is not a fee to list the restaurant on the DoorDash marketplace. DoorDash does not have the permission to list merchants on the marketplace as part of TDS.

How can I pay my invoice?

This can be paid by check or ACH. The address to send the check to is in the email you received, and the invoice has the account and routing number for ACH payments.

Do I need to pay DoorDash directly for my invoice?

Yes, payment should be sent directly to DoorDash. This is not paid via any existing relationships or processes with Toast or DoorDash.

DoorDash Portal

I am having issues getting access to my DoorDash Portal, who can I contact?

Email for help.

How do I get access to the DoorDash Drive Portal?

Visit this site to request portal access. If you sill do not have access for 3 days after filling out the form, email for help.

How do I use my DoorDash Portal?

Click here for a portal overview.

Guest Information

Who receives the guest information?

The restaurant receives guest data like a typical online order.

Managing Order Volume

Can I throttle my orders while using Toast Delivery Services?

Yes, you can throttle these orders the same way you would throttle online orders.

General Questions

How can I determine which orders are Toast Delivery Service?

You can filter any report by the dining option called "Delivery by DoorDash". You may need to add the filter using the More dropdown.

Can called-in takeout orders be used with Toast Delivery Services?

Toast Delivery Services will only work with digital orders through Online Ordering or the Toast TakeOut app. Phoned-in orders cannot be used with Toast Delivery Services at this time. 


Can my guests pay in cash with Toast Delivery Services?

No, only debit and credit card payments can be accepted with Toast Delivery Services.

Can I use both my own delivery drivers and Toast Delivery Services?

If you are using your own delivery drivers for your restaurant, you will not be able to use the Toast Delivery Services feature. Restaurants cannot have both at the same time and cannot switch back and forth (ex. cannot have Toast Delivery Services on the weekends and your own drivers on weekdays).

Can I remove takeout as a dining option for my guests ordering online?

No, you cannot remove the takeout dining option at this time for guests placing online orders. Both takeout and delivery must be enabled to use Toast Delivery Services at this time. 

Can DoorDash deliver alcohol?

No. Toast does not support alcohol deliveries through Toast Delivery Services. Restaurants should review the DoorDash Merchant Terms for restrictions on delivery of age-restricted items. 

Can a restaurant still sell alcohol for pickup and use Toast Delivery Services?

Yes. If a restaurant sells alcohol, they should designate that portion of their Menu or Group as "Pickup Only". There is not a way to set a delivery-only menu at this time. Restaurants must hold valid alcoholic beverage licenses and comply with all applicable local requirements regarding the sale of alcohol.

Note, If a guest accidentally orders alcohol for delivery, the restaurant is responsible for removing the item from the check and calling the customer to notify them.