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Toast Now Best Practice 4

Best Practice 4: Give guests multiple options for how to order from your restaurant so they can choose the way they prefer.

Today's consumer has myriad options when ordering food. They can order online, via mobile app, 3rd party, phone call, or simply walk-in. Guests choose the way that is fastest and easiest for them - while still delivering quality food. As such, it’s important that you adapt your operations to support these changing consumer preferences with online, mobile app and phone ordering channels. And no matter the channel, you should make sure the customer experience is always fast, simple and enjoyable.

Step 1

Allow Guests to Order on Mobile and Your Website

Step 1: Allow guests to order through their mobile app with Toast Takeout and directly from your website with Toast Online Ordering.

Step 2

Promote Contactless Delivery and Curbside Pick Up

Step 2: Promote contactless delivery & curbside pick up to put diners minds at ease throughout today’s health crisis.

Ensure customers know they can specify exactly how they would like to pick-up their food and/or have their food delivered. 

  • Both Online Ordering and Toast TakeOut include options for curbside pick up and contactless delivery

Step 3

Drive Awareness of Toast TakeOut

Step 3: Drive awareness of Toast TakeOut in your community so your customers can quickly and easily order from their phones (iOS & Android).

Put labels and signs on your windows to advertise Toast TakeOut. Always include this link and the below QR code with your Toast TakeOut promotion message to dynamically send iOS, Android, and desktop users to download Toast TakeOut.

Promote Toast TakeOut with a short, simple message that includes a clear call to action for your customers. We’ve included a few sample copy suggestions below. Be sure to always include the above link & QR code with your message!

  • We're now listed on Toast TakeOut! Download the app to order pickup.
  • We're now listed on Toast TakeOut! Download the app to order pickup or delivery.
  • Order pickup or delivery on the Toast TakeOut app!
  • Order takeout and track rewards on the Toast TakeOut app!
  • Download the Toast TakeOut app to order takeout and track rewards!
  • Download the Toast TakeOut app to order takeout or delivery

Step 4

Make it Fast and Easy for Customers to Find Your Phone Number

Step 4: While demand for digital ordering continues to grow, we know some customers still prefer to call you directly. Make it fast and easy for customers to find your phone number online so they can call you to place their order.

Make sure your phone number for ordering is prominently listed on your digital channels (ex. website, Google My Business Profile, review site profiles, social media, Toast TakeOut profile...) so guests can easily find it.

  • Create a custom "on-hold” and “voicemail” message that directs customers to digital channels to place their order. This helps increase awareness of your digital ordering options as well as reduce customer wait time, resulting in a better customer experience.