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Toast Now Best Practice 2

Best Practice 2: Promote your restaurant on social media & email to drive digital ordering and dine-in at your restaurant.

Promoting your restaurant can help keep you top of mind for customers and drive orders for your business. We suggest starting your promotion efforts with email and social media so that you can quickly reach new and returning customers at little to no cost.

  • Think from your customer’s perspective. Choose marketing channels based on where your customers are, and send content that will be useful and relevant for your customers.
  • Strike a balance on frequency. Regular marketing efforts can keep your customers engaged, but there’s no need to constantly create new promotional content. Find a cadence that works for you and your customers

Step 1

Get Started with Social Media

Step 1: Get started with social media

1. Focus on the most relevant social media platforms

Consider where your customers will most likely be looking for updates from you. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to start.

2. Create promotional assets that work across social platforms

Start creating content that will work across multiple social platforms. While best practices vary slightly between platforms, many apply to most social media platforms. Follow our recommended steps below to get started crafting content!

Need some inspiration? Check out these examples of awesome restaurant social media marketing.

3. To take it up a notch, consider boosting posts

Spending money to boost posts can quickly become expensive but can also help you reach more potential customers, so be thoughtful with choosing a relevant audience and carefully monitor how much you’re spending.

  • Learn more about boosting a post on Facebook here
  • Learn more about boosting a post on Instagram here

Note, this functionality is accessible to business profiles on Facebook or Instagram. 

Step 2

Get Started with Email

Step 2: Get started with email

1. Consider an email marketing tool if you don’t already have one to help you manage your email list and build email messages

Some examples of email marketing services include Toast Marketing, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Sendgrid.

2. Craft your message.

  • Start simple, with messages that resonate with a broad audience. For example, share information on how your customers can order online or highlight new menu items.
  • Spend some time writing an email subject line and preview line that will attract your customers’ attention in their cluttered inboxes.
  • Use images to help engage your customers. Consider showing a few images of favorite menu items.
  • Make sure your key messages are close to the top of the email so that your customers don’t miss your most important messages, even if they’re only giving your email a quick glance on their phone.
  • To take your email marketing up a notch, consider customizing your content to specific segments of your customer base.  For example, you may wish to send an email to welcome new customers or encourage customers who haven’t ordered recently to return.  Looking for some more ideas?  Consider these 5 email marketing ideas.

Step 3

Content Ideas for Social Media and Email

Step 3: Content ideas for social media and email

Now that you’re set up with social media and email, it’s time to create content that you can re-purpose across all your marketing platforms. See below for a list of suggested content you can post about:

1. How to order online

Let your customers know whether to order from your website or an app, what pickup and delivery options you offer, and what your hours are.

2. Popular or new menu items

 Highlight a favorite dish or an enticing new addition to your menu. Be sure to include an image of your dish.

3. Promotions

Consider running a promotion to help boost orders.  Promotions are often a useful tool in driving more orders but can also be costly, so carefully consider the duration and cost of the promotion.

4. E-gift cards

 If you offer gift cards, consider promoting them as an easy and enjoyable gift for friends and family.

5. Loyalty program

If you have a loyalty program, let customers know how to join and what rewards you offer.  

6. Share your story

Connect with your customers on a more personal level by sharing how you started, which menu items are personal favorites, or how you developed a new dish.