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Toast Now Best Practice 1

Best Practice 1: Make sure your community and guests know that they can order from your restaurant online and/or through the Toast TakeOut app.

Step 1

Add Your Menu Link Online

Step 1: Add your menu link to online pages where guests will search to find your restaurant. 

Ensure that as many guests as possible order directly from your restaurant when they place an online order to avoid paying costly commissions on third-party orders. To do this, try to think of all the ways a guest could find your online ordering menu and add or update your link.

1. Your website

Your website should have “Order Online” and “Download the Toast TakeOut App” buttons at the top to allow guests to quickly and easily get to your menu. To simplify this for you, we’ve created buttons in a number of styles. To add them to your website, simply right-click to save the files of the images you wish to use and paste the corresponding HTML into your website where you’d like the button to go. 

<a href="YOUR-ONLINE-ORDERING-URL" target="_blank"><img src="">

<a href="YOUR-ONLINE-ORDERING-URL" target="_blank"><img src="">

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="">

2. Google

Guests will also find you on Google so you should claim your Google My Business listing. We've made this easy with our Google My Business integration.

Using the Google My Business integration, the same restaurant information that you've entered into Toast will populate your Google My Business profile and publicize your Toast Online Ordering site automatically. For instructions on how to use this integration, click here

3. Social media

If your restaurant has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, add a link in your profile encouraging followers to place an order online. 

4. Review sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor)

Some guests will learn about your site through review sites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, so you should add your new menu link to your listings on these sites as well. Again, this is a great opportunity to verify that all other information on your listing is accurate. 

5. Email

If you use an email marketing tool, try adding an “Order Online”  button to your emails with a link to your menu.

Step 2

Adapt Your Physical Layout and Use Print Material

Step 2: Adapt your physical layout and use print material to inform your customers of your online and mobile ordering capabilities (ex. Toast TakeOut app).

Below are a few ideas you can use to inform guests of the digital ordering options available to them at your restaurant.

Designated Pickup Area

Create a designated order pickup area to draw attention to your takeout business. You can decorate this pickup area with flyers or signs promoting Toast TakeOut. You can also add signs at cash registers and along pickup lines to let guests know they can skip the line if they use the Toast TakeOut mobile app.

Physical Displays 

Create window displays, table tents, posters, and flyers to remind and encourage customers to order online next time they order from your restaurant.

  • Placing a sign on the sidewalk outside your restaurant is a great way to promote daily specials and to tell your community that they can order online and on the Toast TakeOut app.
  • Print Materials - You can also include online ordering flyers or coupons in takeout bags. Incentivize these customers to order online next time by explaining that they’ll get faster service and guaranteed order accuracy.
  • Print & Digital Receipts - Customize the text on your digital and paper receipts to include a callout for your online ordering program. It’s a free and easy way to distribute the message to your customers.