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Toast Now: E-Gift Cards FAQ

Discover frequently asked questions for Toast Now: E-Gift Cards.

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How do I set up my E-Gift Card Page?

1. After logging into, navigate to the Marketing section and select Restaurant Info.  

2. Enter your restaurant’s name and location. 

3. Then, upload an eGift Card Image by selecting Choose Image at the bottom of the page. This is the image that will appear on the e-gift card itself.

Note: We recommend using your Restaurant Logo here if no other imagery is available

4. You can also upload an optional restaurant logo and banner image to further customize your E-Gift Card public page. Specifications for these images are:

  • Restaurant Logo: Square image at least 180px x 180px (1:1 aspect ratio)
  • Banner Image: At least 1920px x 1080px (16:9 aspect ratio). 
  • Note: All images must be .png files

Note: if you don’t customize the images on your public page, that’s OK. Toast will display default images instead, but customizing your gift cards and public page allows it to match your unique restaurant brand.

5. When finished, select Save and Publish in the top-right corner of the page to finalize your changes. 

6. Don’t forget to copy your Online Gift Card Purchase link and let your customers know! We recommend adding it to your website, posting it on social media, or including it in emails to customers so they can find it and support your business. You can also make your gift card look up page available so guests can check their balance. 

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How do I look up an E-Gift Card Balance?

If you’d like to check gift card balances, and see which gift cards have been purchased by guests, navigate to the Analytics and Reports header in Toast Now and select Guest, Gift Cards, and Loyalty reports.

Here, look for the header GIFT CARDS. Directly below it will be an option for Gift Card Balances. Select the View Report > link.  

In this report, you’ll be able to see what gift cards your restaurant has issued to your guests, the initial value amount that was put on the gift card, along with the current balance and transaction dates. 

Use the drop down menus to switch between days and how many cards you’d like to see on the page. When you’re done, be sure to select Update.

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How do I adjust an E-Gift Card Balance?

To adjust an e-gift card balance, navigate to the Analytics and Reports header in Toast Now and select Guest, Gift Cards, and Loyalty reports. 

Next, look for the header GIFT CARDS. Directly below it will be an option for Gift Card Balances. Select the View Report > link.

Use the dropdown menus to search for the specific card you’re looking to adjust. After you’ve located the card, select it and then select Adjust Balance. Enter in the amount to add or subtract value.

For example, if you want to add $10.00, enter "10." To subtract $10.00, enter "-10" into the amount field.

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How do I redeem E-Gift Card payments?

To redeem a gift card as payment, you must be logged into Toast on a device with an internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. 

1. Log into Toast on the device with an Internet browser. 

2. Once logged in, locate the gift card using the Gift Card Lookup link ([restaurant-name]/findcard) and enter the gift card number. If your device is equipped with a camera, you can also use it to scan the eGift Card’s QR Code in store.

3. Then, select Redeem Value at the bottom of the page.

4. Enter a dollar amount to be redeemed in the Amount field and select Redeem.

5. Once redeemed, you will see the following success message confirming the funds have been released from the gift card. Select Return to Find a Card to check the balance or add additional balance to an eGift card. 

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How can I correct a gift card sent to the wrong email address?

When customers purchase e-gift cards and the email fails to send, the Failed E-Gift Delivery report provides information about what caused it to fail. Failed delivery notifications are sent automatically to your Manager Contact List.

1. Under the Analytics & Reports header, select Guest, Gift Cards, and Loyalty

2. Select the Failed E-Gift Delivery.

3. Select the failed delivery you would like to resend. The Update Gift Card Email prompt will appear. Here, you can add the correct email address and select Update & Resend Email

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When do I receive my gift card sales from Stripe?

E-Gift card sales will be paid out using Stripe's payout schedule. The status of your payout can be viewed from your Stripe dashboard.

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Why is there a $100 limit on gift card transactions?

The current gift card purchase limit is $100 per transaction to reduce gift card fraud resulting from fraudsters taking advantage of restaurants during these uncertain times. This limit is in place to help protect your restaurant from incurring increased chargebacks. We also utilize real-time machine-learning fraud protection and employ encryption and tokenization technologies to protect guest data.