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Welcome to the Toast Now Resource Center! As a new member of the Toast community, we want to ensure you have all the information and resources you need to get started with Toast Now. 

If you have not received your login credentials you are not ready to proceed. 

Toast Now gives you the ability to quickly and easily set up digital sales channels, like online ordering, contactless delivery, e-gift cards, and a consumer ordering app, to keep your community fed and revenue coming in, even if in-person dining isn’t an option.

Find the Toast Now offering that you purchased and navigate to the corresponding chapters to get started. Details below.

  1. Toast Now Suite with Toast Online Ordering, Toast TakeOut, Delivery Using Your Own Drivers, Toast Delivery Services, and E-Gift Cards.
    Complete Chapters 1-6. 
  2. Toast Now with Toast Online Ordering, Toast TakeOut and Delivery.
    Complete Chapters 1-4 & 8-9.
  3. Toast Now with Toast Marketing.
    Complete Chapter 7.

Ready to get started? Complete your Toast Now set up with these simple, step-by-step instructions based on the product you purchased. 

Be sure to check back to this page for frequently updated information. We’ll be continually adding best practices and new resources for you to make the most of your Toast experience, today and in the future. 

We also know these are uncertain times. Toast is here to help you manage your business and keep your staff and customers safe with modern restaurant solutions and an ongoing, frequently updated COVID-19 Resource Center.

Chapter One

Set Up Online Ordering

Online Ordering allows guests to order directly from your restaurant website to drive sales, even when in-person dining isn’t an option. With Toast Now: Full Suite and Toast Now: Digital Ordering, you get access to our comprehensive online ordering solution that connects guests with your restaurant from anywhere. 

When you log in to Toast Now for the first time, your menu and settings will be pre-configured for you. Once you’ve confirmed that your settings are correct, follow the steps in this chapter to finalize your online ordering setup.

Want to watch an interactive introduction finalize your setup with Toast Now? Check out the Toast Now Essential Setup Webinar.


Chapter Two

Set Up Delivery Using Your Own Drivers

Contactless delivery connects guests with your driver to communicate delivery preferences like leaving food at the door rather than handing it directly to them. Contactless delivery is available on both online ordering and the Toast TakeOut app. 

In this section, you’ll walk through how to set contactless delivery distances and customize delivery fees. 

Chapter Three

Set Up Toast Delivery Services

No delivery drivers? No problem. With Toast Delivery services, you can dispatch local drivers through an on-demand network to service any delivery order*. The last thing you need during these unpredictable times is unpredictable commissions. Let's take a deeper look!

*Must be within service area and available delivery range specific to Toast's delivery network partners.

Chapter Four

Set Up Toast TakeOut

Make it easy for guests to find and order from your restaurant with a listing on Toast TakeOut, our mobile app available on iOS & Android. Your regulars will also be rewarded with a quick and seamless reordering feature. You'll be listed on the Toast TakeOut app by default as a new member of our Toast community.

In this section, you’ll walk through how to enable and optimize your Toast TakeOut listing to drive mobile orders and increase check size.

Chapter Five

Set Up E-Gift Cards

Drive critical short-term cash flow with e-gift cards that are simple to buy, sell, and redeem. With E-Gift Cards as part of your Toast Now Suite, you get access to digital gift cards that have a simple checkout and redemption process.

In this section, you’ll walk through how to customize, sell, and redeem your e-gift cards.

Chapter Six

Toast Now in Action

Now that you’ve configured your Toast Now settings, you’re ready to start taking orders! Share your new online offerings with the world and let the orders start to roll in.

In this section, you’ll find how-to articles and tips-and-tricks for using Toast Now live at your restaurant.

Chapter Seven

Set Up Toast Marketing

Increase engagement with your guests by sending the right message to the right guest at the right time. With Toast Now: Toast Marketing, you can curate your audience and design messages that will pique your guest's interests and keep them coming back for more. 

In this section, you'll learn how to send your first email campaign with Toast Marketing. Simply design, schedule a time to send and we'll take care of the rest. 

Chapter Eight

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few more questions about Toast Now? Whether you’re a newly configured Toast Now user or a multi-week pro, there is always more to learn!

In this section, you can reference a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions about Toast Now to quickly and easily find the answers you’re looking for.

Chapter Nine

Best Practices


Now that you’re up and running with Toast, here are a few best practices to maximize your experience, promote your brand via digital channels, and deliver delightful guest and employee experiences. 

Let customers know your restaurant is open and how quickly and easily they can order pick-up and/or delivery from you. 

How can you do this? Follow these best practices to grow your brand presence and order volume - not to mention, to get the most out of your Toast Now experience!

Have further questions? Chat with our Customer Care team by logging in to Toast Now.