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Updating Restaurant Information

Learn how to update the Restaurant Information on your Toast page including your restaurant name, address, and your personal account information. 

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Update Restaurant Information

1. To locate your restaurant information, navigate to the Marketing section after logging into Then, select Restaurant Info

2. Here, you can view and update your restaurant information, including your Restaurant Name, Address, Phone, and your Restaurant Logo. 

You also have the ability to add a Background Pattern and a Banner Image that would appear at the top of your web-page. If you do make edits to your logo, make sure the images match your brand!

Note: All images must be a .png file and Toast recommends following these guidelines:

  • Restaurant Logo - Square, 180px by 180px (minimum)
  • Banner Image - Rectangle, 1920px by 1080px

Online Ordering Website Link

It's critical that you place the link to your online ordering website on your restaurant's website and other digital platforms! This link let's your guests know your restaurant is taking online orders. 

Locating your online ordering link is easy! Once on the Restaurant Info page, your link is located on the right of your screen under Share Your Public Links. To copy this link, select the square icon to the right of it.

You can also locate your online ordering link by scrolling to the Toast Tab Page section of the Restaurant Info page.

Note: When copy and pasting, don't forget to include “"

Always remember to Save and Publish your changes!

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Update Account Information

How to Update Account Information

1. Your personal name and email address that you provided can be found in the My Account tab located on the top-right of the page.

2. From here, you can view your personal name and email address.  You also have the ability to add an image for your personal account if you wish. 

3. Always remember to Save your changes!

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Configuring the Google My Business Integration

Using the Google My Business integration, the same restaurant information that you’ve entered into Toast will populate your Google My Business profile and publicize your Toast Online Ordering site automatically.

How to Configure Your Google My Business Profile

1. After logging into, navigate to the Marketing header and select Restaurant Info.

2. Navigate to the Manage Your Google Business Profile section at the bottom of the page.

3. If you haven’t already, select the link to claim your business listing on Google. If you already have your Google Business Listing set up, skip to the next step.

4. Then, select Sign in with Google to publish your restaurant information in Toast to your Google My Business profile.

5. Select Allow to grant Toast access to your account, then Allow once more.

6. If your Google account manages multiple Google Business locations, select the location in the dropdown that matches with the Toast location you’re currently syncing. If you manage only a single location in Google, your restaurant name will automatically populate in this field.

7. Next, paste your restaurant’s website URL into the Website URL field and enter your online ordering site’s URL in the Order URL field. The links in these fields will then be published to your Google Business Listing.

If you already have these links listed in your Google My Business profile, they will automatically populate in their respective fields for you. 

8. Select Update Google Profile to finalize your updates.

Guests will see the following information pop up in their search results when they look up your restaurant on or through Google Maps.

Note: Changes may take some time to appear on your Google Business Listing.