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Toast Now: Digital Ordering FAQ

Discover frequently asked questions for Toast Now: Digital Ordering.

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How do I turn online ordering on or off?

1. To turn online ordering on or off, navigate to the Online Ordering section under the Other Setup header after logging into

2. To enable Online Ordering, select Accept online orders under the Toggle Online Ordering header.

To disable Online Ordering, select Don’t accept online orders. 
To snooze orders, select Snooze online orders temporarily.

3. Then Save and Publish your changes.

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How does delivery work with Toast Now?

Enabling Delivery

1. Navigate to the Takeout / Delivery section under the Other Setup header.

2. Under the Delivery Enabled? section, select Enable Delivery. This must be enabled for your restaurant to use Delivery.

Note: Toast’s Online Ordering system considers takeout a standard default service. Once Online Ordering is turned on, there is no way to disable the takeout dining option

3. Next, you’ll see the Takeout Customer Information section. Here, you can select your desired takeout customer information setting from the following choices:

  • Prompt for takeout customer information (phone and name) - Select if you would like takeout customers to enter their information when placing an order.
  • Don’t prompt - Select if you don’t want to prompt the takeout customer to enter their information.

4. Navigate to the Receipt Printing section. Here, you can choose which set of customer details, if any, you would like to print for both Takeout and Delivery receipts. Depending on your selection, staff will be prompted to enter this information in upon placing takeout and delivery orders. The guest's information will be saved to their customer profile.

5. Next, you will need to select a setting for your guests billing information under the Billing Customer section. Note that this only applies to Delivery Orders.

You can select from the following options:

  • Billing customer information always matches delivery information - Do not prompt for billing customer info and use the same information provided for delivery customer information, when placing the order. Note that this is the default setting and will cover the majority of orders placed. Another option should be selected if you have customers that typically place orders to be delivered to someone else.
  • Always Prompt for billing customer information prior to delivery information - Prompt the guest to enter billing customer information BEFORE delivery customer information. 
  • Always Prompt for billing customer information after delivery information - Prompt the guest to enter billing customer information AFTER delivery customer information.

    Both the second and third options allow the billing customer information to differ from the delivery customer information (name, phone, address to deliver to).

    Note: Billing customer information includes the name and phone number of the person billed for the order.

Setting Up Delivery Fees

1. Navigate to the Takeout / Delivery section under the Other Setup header of Toast Now and under the Delivery Fee section, select Configure delivery service fees.

2. You'll then be directed to the Service Charges page - select the +Add button.

3. From here, a new screen will appear where you'll need to set the following settings:

  • Name - Name your service charge. This will be something like Delivery Fee.
  • Charge Type - set this to either Fixed Percent or Fixed Amount (dollar). Open Amount does not apply.
  • Charge Percent - This is how much the delivery fee will be.
  • Apply After Amount Threshold - Apply this fee if the pre-discount amount of the check is greater than or equal to this amount.
  • Assign to Check Owner (Gratuity)? - Set this to Yes if the Delivery Fee will go to the driver. Set this to No if the Delivery Fee is assigned to the restaurant.
  • Taxed? - Check your state's tax laws to determine whether or not a Delivery Fee should be taxed.
  • Calculated on pre-discount or post-discount total? - This setting determines if the threshold is calculated based on the pre-discount or post-discount total. By default, this setting is set to Pre-discount Total.
  • Delivery? - Set to Yes so that the service charge is automatically assigned to Delivery orders.

When Delivery? is set to Yes, the Waive and Delivery Distance Threshold options will appear:

  • Waive Fee Threshold: This fee will automatically get applied to a check after the dining option is set to delivery. After this dollar amount, the fee will automatically be removed (but can be manually reapplied).
  • Delivery Distance Threshold: This fee will only be applied if the distance is greater than or equal to the entered mileage AND the dining option is set to delivery. This distance is calculated in terms of driving distance, from your restaurant to the delivery address, not on driving distance.

You can now set up multiple delivery fees and also choose whether or not they are considered service charges or gratuities. You can also set up multiple mileage-based service charges and the delivery zones around your restaurant.

Delivery Area

You can also use Toast's built-in map feature to establish your restaurant's delivery area. If your restaurant will have a maximum delivery area, use the following steps: 

1. Navigate to the Takeout / Delivery section under the Other Setup header of Toast Now.

2. Scroll to the Delivery Area section. Your restaurant location is identified by the green pin.

3. Select anywhere on the map to create a red pin, which is used to designate the delivery area limit. You can add as many red pins as needed and the pins can be dragged to adjust the delivery area as needed. The territory within the delivery area will be highlighted in blue.

4. Toast will compare the set delivery area to to your restaurant's address when an on-site or online delivery order is created to automatically allow or deny the order from being placed.

Note: Use the Reset Delivery Area or Reset Map Location to revert the map to the original location/delivery area.

5. Then Save and Publish your changes.

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Where can I find my Online Ordering Website link?

Your Online Ordering link, also known as your Toast Tab Page URL, can be found by navigating to the Restaurant Info section under the Marketing header of Toast. 

Navigate to the Toast Tab Page section to find your Toast Tab Page URL. This is the link to your online ordering website and it can be copied and pasted into your Toast Tab Page URL and added to your restaurant's website and social media platforms.

Note: Remember to include “” before your Toast Tab Page URL.

You can also find your Online Ordering Website link by selecting Help on the Digital Orders page. Then, select Online Ordering Configuration.

From here, the link will be located at the top of this page. 

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Where do I find my digital orders?

To find your digital orders, navigate to the Digital Orders section under the Manager header of Toast Now.

Select Active Orders to view your digital orders.

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How do I print my digital orders?

To print digital orders, select a specific order to open the order details. From here, you have the option to Print Receipt or print the order details in PDF format by selecting Print Page in the bottom-left corner. 

If your restaurant has email notifications setup for incoming orders, you can also print the order from your email.  

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How will I know when I receive an order?

When an order is sent through either Toast Takeout or your Online Ordering page, two things happen at the restaurant. A notification email is sent to a predetermined email address and the order populates in Toast.

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What happens when I receive the order?

All orders will update in real-time through the Toast dashboard. Upon receiving the order, a restaurant may elect to either manually transfer incoming Toast orders to their existing POS or manage Toast orders separately via the web dashboard.

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How will my kitchen know what order is received?

You can either enter the order into your existing POS and have tickets fire or you can utilize a tablet in the BOH to keep track of received orders.

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How do I set up email notifications for incoming orders?

1. Navigate to the Contact Settings section under the Other Setup header of Toast Now.

2. Under the Email Lists header, select Create Email List and name it appropriately. For example, “New Orders.”

3. Select Add External Email and add the email address you want to use to monitor incoming orders. For example, you could use the manager's email address.

4. Select the email address from the Incoming Orders dropdown menu.

5. Select Save in the top right corner.

6. It's recommended that a tablet or computer is set up at your front of house to have access to the email from Step 3's inbox as you'll get an email with order details when a new order is placed.

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How do I set up contacts for digital ordering?

1. Navigate to the Contact Settings section under the Other Setup header and select Contact Settings.

2. To add more users to the designated digital ordering email, select Add External Email.

3. From here, you can add new members to the email list.  

Note: Delivery Orders will also need to be assigned an email list. This can be the same email list or you can create a different email list for Delivery only.

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How do I view the incoming orders on a web page?

Log into for your restaurant. The link to your incoming orders can be viewed at the top of the main homepage.

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How do I contact the guest if there is an issue with the order?

Each order will have the guest’s email address and phone number. If there’s an issue with the order, give the guest a call.

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What do I do if I can’t make the order?

If you can't make an order, we recommend calling the guest directly and letting them know. To Void the order, use the following steps: 

1. Navigate to the Help tab and select Find Check.

2. From here, your check can be found by entering in any of the following information:

  • Check Number - Enter check number or search by date.
  • Check ID - Enter the Check ID, Order ID, Check GUID, Order GUID or Payment Reference number.
  • Customer Info  - Enter guest’s first name, last name or phone number.
  • Credit Card - Enter the last four digits used of the credit card number used for payment.
  • Advanced Search - Enter a check amount range, employee who owned the check, and/or date range.

3. Select the check and under the Actions menu, select Void.

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What if I need to refund an order?

1. Navigate to the Help tab and select Find Check. 

2. From here, you can search for the check you’d like to refund.

3. Select the check and under the Actions menu, select Refund.

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How do customers edit modifiers, add items or remove items on an order?

This isn’t supported with Toast Now. However, you can adjust the payment amount up or down to account for order changes. The payment can be adjusted under the Find Check section.

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How are orders communicated with the kitchen?

Toast Now uses a standard web browser to live update with real-time orders on ANY device, such as a laptop, iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook or smartphone. All orders are auto-approved and auto-firing occurs in the cloud without any need for local hardware.