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Who Makes Up My Toast Marketing Audience?

Guests from all locations across your restaurants are combined into one master Toast Marketing list for sending Automated Email Campaigns. This master guest list is then broken down into segments by location for sending one-time campaigns to guests about restaurant specific specials or updates.  

Toast Now

Who Makes Up My Toast Marketing Audience?

Some guest emails are collected automatically through products in Toast. If you have any of the following products in your Toast suite, they will begin to build out your Toast Marketing database for you:

Toast ProductHow Email Addresses Are Collected

Toast Now: Digital Ordering

Guest information from orders placed online or through the Toast TakeOut app. 

Toast Now: E-Gift Cards

Guest information from e-gift card purchases online. 

Toast Now: Full Suite

Guest information from orders placed online, orders placed through the Toast TakeOut app and online e-gift card purchases. 

Guest emails can also be uploaded via .csv or .tsv files from a previous email marketing service or added manually using the Manage Contacts button. This button can be found at the bottom of your Toast Marketing dashboard or through the Settings page. 

For restaurants with more than one location using Toast Marketing, you are able to send one-time campaigns to the guests of a single location. For example, if your Seattle location is launching a new locally-sourced weekly special, they can send a one-time campaign to guests of the Seattle location only to spread the word. 

Automated email campaigns will be sent to guests that fit the campaign criteria across all locations. For example, if you are using Toast Marketing across three locations - Boston, Seattle, and Austin - and you turn on your automated "Welcome" campaign, each new subscriber to your email marketing audience from Boston, Seattle, and Austin will receive the same "Welcome" campaign 24-72 hours after they subscribe for the first time.

Please note, automated campaigns will only be available to those who have added Digital Ordering and / or E-Gift cards to their Toast Now suite in addition to the Toast Marketing module at this time. This is because order data collected through digital orders and online e-gift card purchases is required to automatically trigger emails to guests. 

Another way to grow your Toast Marketing audience is to share your marketing signup link on your personal website or social media accounts. This link can be found under the Audience section of the Settings page and will allow guests to opt-in to your marketing emails for your restaurant.