Restaurant Retail

Restaurant Retail

Food service and retail used to mean different POS systems... Not anymore. Manage both your food service and retail businesses with Toast.

A first of its kind, unified foodservice and retail POS

Create a seamless guest experience with a unified retail and foodservice platform.

Manage your retail items with ease

Easily manage all your retail inventory across all your channels from one place.

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Easily create new SKUs

Create new SKUs, generate & print barcodes, & pull-in key metadata.

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All-in-one platform

Manage your entire business in one place while creating a seamless experience for your guests.

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Manage your retail items with ease
  • Manage SKUs and track inventory
    Whether looking to update inventory, pricing, or other key information for one or all items in one easy and intuitive item management screen. 
  • Handle complex SKU needs
    Whether creating different varieties for your merch or selling beer by the bottle and six-pack the Toast for Restaurant Retail module can handle your complex needs with ease.
  • Manage your inventory across all your channels
    Whether selling in-store, for pickup & delivery, or nationwide shipping, all of your SKUs can be managed in one place regardless of where they’re being sold.
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Easily create new SKUs
  • Populate key meta-data with the scan of a barcode
    With Toast SmartScan pulling in key metadata for new SKUs such as product image, vintage, abv, brand, and other key information is as simple as scanning a barcode with your mobile phone.
  • Generate and print barcodes for your items
    Generate and print barcodes directly from Toast for all your items and ensure the latest information is always tied to the barcode - automatically.
  • Setup pricing options that work for you
    Whether by size, weight, or item count, Toast offers a variety of pricing strategies and integrates with the scales needed to support them.
Foodservice + retail in one platform
  • One, seamless guest experience
    With both foodservice and retail on one platform you can offer guests a seamless experience across both foodservice and retail, regardless of how they order.
  • Unified reporting & analytics
    No more consolidating reports from multiple systems, with one system for both foodservice and retail, all of your key reporting information for both sides of your business lives in one place.
  • Leverage the rest of the Toast platform
    Leverage the rest of the world class Toast platform, from online ordering to the kitchen display system, without having to sacrifice your retail operation.
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What our customers have to say:

“Once getting Toast at our restaurant, we loved it so much that we could not WAIT to be able to use the platform at our retail market. [The] Mobile Inventory tools have taken the adding of data from the administrative office to when it comes off the truck. That’s huge and removes the most annoying part of the adding new inventory process.”

Kris Larson

Becket’s Restaurant & Wagner Market Oshkosh, WI
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