Third Party Delivery Integrations

Toast Flex Showing Third Party Orders Entering the System.

Reach more guests and ditch the tablets, all while reducing labor costs and order errors. No more double entry.

Toast Flex Showing Third Party Orders Entering the System.
Restaurant worked packing an order.

"We save $600 a week in labor and operational costs by integrating third party delivery providers with Toast. Instead of hiring someone just to manage delivery tablets and order entry, those orders go straight to the kitchen."

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How it works

Seamless flow from order placed to delivery.

Get set up accurately and at no-cost.

Reclaim your time managing multiple menus. Our expert onboarding consultants will set up your menus and pricing for you, saving hours of your time.

Manage all your third party menus in one place.

Publishing menu updates has never been easier. With all your third party menus centralized on Toast, you can easily add new items, update specials, or automatically 86 items across every platform.

Fire orders directly to the kitchen.

With a direct integration, say goodbye to juggling multiple tablets and manual double-entry. Orders flow seamlessly from the biggest third party delivery brands directly to your Toast POS, just like any other order at your restaurant. An added bonus: Toast is the only POS with direct integrations with Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Caviar and Postmates (coming soon).

Never miss a beat. Get orders right without double entry.

Calm the chaos and nix missing, delayed, or incorrect orders. Third party delivery integration means accurate orders, every time - and keeps your diners coming back.

You can save thousands on labor costs.
Adjust your numbers:

Estimated annual savings $8,280.00*

Pushing third party orders to your point of sale can be time consuming and inefficient for your team, especially during peak hours. To calculate how much you can save on labor costs, we multiplied orders per day by the time needed to process those orders. Then, we multiplied that amount by hourly employee pay and by the percentage of orders routed to your point of sale.

*These amounts are estimates. Actual results may vary and depend on your unique circumstances.

Our third party delivery integrations are powered by centralized tools to maximize your profits.

Manage all your third party orders from a single screen on the POS and unlock channel insights to understand how each partner contributes to your sales and margins.


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