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Save hours every week with Tips Manager

Try our fully integrated tip management solution and get time back. 74% of Tips Manager customers save 1-5 hours per week on average.*

A fully-integrated tip management solution built for restaurants

Set it and forget it tip rules

Create customizable tip rules to fit your staffing needs.

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Automated tip distribution

Sync your pooled tips directly with Toast Payroll & Team Management to minimize the error-prone tipout step each pay period.

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Streamlined tip reporting

Improve trust with your employees by simplifying the complexities of tip reporting.

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Build customizable tip pool rules to help streamline your closeout process
  • Automated Pooling Calculations
    Automate your tip pooling without the use of Excel spreadsheets to streamline the closeout process.
  • Unlimited Rules
    Our tip-pooling engine offers full flexibility and no cap to the number of rules you can set.
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Save time each pay period by syncing pooled tips directly with payroll
  • Direct Payroll Integration
    Manage tips in one place, with credit card and cash tips automatically pulled through to Toast Payroll & Team Management.
  • Set Rules by Job
    Configure your jobs within Toast POS, then distribute tipped earnings based on a single job type or across a group of jobs.
Ensure transparent reporting and accurate tip transfers for employees
  • % Distribution by Tips, Gratuity, or Sales Category
    Easily manage the percent distribution by tipped earning type or by sales category.
  • Pool tips by day, shift, or order
    Calculate pooled earnings for an entire business day, for separate shifts, or break out by order.
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