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Running a bar doesn’t have to be so hectic

You can have high energy without chaos. Join thousands of bars, clubs, and lounges keeping wait times down and margins up with G2's #1 rated POS.

Stay out of the weeds with a POS built for hospitality

From service to reporting and beyond, you'll always be one step ahead of whatever's next.

Save time and space with gear that’s meant for bars
  • It shouldn’t take minutes to ring in a house vodka. Now you can do it with a few taps and get on to your next drink.
  • Hardware designed to withstand everyday spills and dings, and last calls.
  • Items 86 themselves automatically, so no one has to check on how many cans are left.
  • Pre-auth cards so you don’t have to hold them behind the bar. Charge and add gratuity if guests don’t close out.
Turn three-deep lines into light work
  • Handhelds free you up to start and close tabs anywhere in the bar — a lifesaver during peak volume.
  • Let guests buy another round without waiting. QR code ordering with Toast Mobile Order and Pay™ makes it easy.
  • Internet down? Offline Mode lets you keep taking cards so guests don’t have to find an ATM.
Make every square foot more profitable
  • Find out which sections drive the most revenue with detailed reporting.
  • Keep costs under control with inventory tech that keeps everyone honest.
  • Have a kitchen? Ramp up your takeout business with commission-free online ordering.
  • Retain your best bartenders with consistently higher tips thanks to guest-facing displays, handhelds, and QR code ordering.

“It’s almost like having three additional employees.”

Whether you’re focused on speed, craft, or both, you can do it more efficiently.

"Having Toast all-in-one system - it’s almost like having three additional employees. [It gives] me time to focus on creating great recipes and sourcing good beer."

Justin LeGore & Alex Benbassat

Co-Founders Barkhaus
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"The beauty of Toast is you’ve figured out how all of those features talk… it's one system. You don’t have to deal with integrations."

Ilya Alter

Co-Owner Dacha Beer Garden

"Within the seven stores, we have a diverse makeup from 95% retail to-go sales from 95% on-premise draft beer. Talking to a human got me more comfortable with the idea that Toast would be able to manage the breadth of our business uses."

Chris Sarette

CEO Bottlecraft Long Beach

Designed by hospitality people — you’ll feel the difference

Step up with a POS partner that has your back when a shift gets messy.

Reliable through every rush
  • Live support is always a phone call away, even at midnight on a Saturday.
  • Talk to people who speak your language — 70% of employees have hospitality experience.
  • Find answers fast in Toast Central when you’re too busy to chat.
Tough enough for life behind the stick
  • Spilled beers won’t get through spill proof construction.
  • Built to survive accidental drops.
  • Heat-resistant gear that’s just as comfortable in the kitchen.
Offline Mode to save the day if wifi drops
  • Put down the pen and paper — you can still ring in drinks.
  • No more switching to cash only.
  • Keep taking cards. Payments process as soon as you’re back online.

See how Toast works for your bar, lounge, or club

Now you can run your business on one platform — from POS to payroll and beyond.

Flexible plans make it easy to start or switch

0% financing
Free setup assistance
24/7/365 support
Starter Kits

For small bars and clubs looking to get up and running quickly with 1-2 terminals.

Starting at¹


$0 upfront*

Explore Starter Kits
  • Toast Flex POS terminal w/ guest-facing screen + cloud-based POS software
  • Toast Tap payment device for cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more
  • Simple, flat rate payment processing with real-time fraud monitoring
  • Customize your kit with optional add-ons

For bars and clubs looking to add revenue streams and simplify operations with an all-in-one POS platform.

Starting at


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  • Toast Flex POS terminal w/ guest-facing screen + cloud-based POS software
  • Toast Tap payment device for cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more
  • Simple, flat rate payment processing with real-time fraud monitoring
  • Customize your kit with optional add-ons
Build Your Own

For bars and clubs with multiple locations or anyone wanting to mix-and-match solutions from the entire Toast platform.


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  • Custom POS hardware setup + cloud-based POS software
  • Online Ordering and Delivery
  • Payroll and Team Management
  • Loyalty, Gift Cards, and Email Marketing
  • Catering & Events and Toast for Restaurant Retail
  • Automated Inventory and Food Costing
  • 90+ Partner Integrations
  • And more

Frequently Asked Questions

The Toast Flex terminal with guest-facing display is designed specifically for speeding up the line for any type of counter service. Toast Go handhelds and Mobile Order and Pay™ are also popular with bars and clubs that want to avoid pileups at the terminal for starting or closing tabs.

The most common criteria when consumers evaluate their bar POS system purchase are a combination of the following factors: hardware, software, payments, support and cost. Depending on how consumers weigh these criteria combined with the specific demands of their restaurant help to determine which bar POS system is best for their operation.

Toast was designed specifically for restaurants to offer a best-in class experience for each. Toast software includes point of sale, payroll, scheduling to name a few. Toast hardware includes the point of sale terminal, but also the Toast Go handheld device. Toast payments are designed to be competitive and compatible with restaurant business. Toast customer support understands the stress of a restaurant and is available 24/7.

Toast Inventory for bars is the ultimate solution for streamlined inventory management. Integrate invoice automation, recipe costing, and Toast POS sales data seamlessly to gain real-time insights into your inventory's financial performance. Track automated ingredient price changes, transform details into actionable COGS reports, and leverage Toast POS data for comprehensive reporting. 

Ditch manual processes with app-based inventory counts on your mobile device, ensuring accuracy and preventing oversights. Centralize vendors, orders, and product catalogs with Toast Inventory, automating order guides based on actual and required quantities. Elevate your bar's efficiency, save time, and boost profitability with Toast Inventory – the essential tool for modern bar management.

Toast Go, the handheld device, offers guests the ultimate convenience of contactless tap payments using cards and digital wallets, seamlessly complemented by traditional chip or swipe options. With Toast Go, restaurants can provide a quick and secure payment experience, catering to the preferences of modern customers who seek a variety of payment methods. This handheld solution enhances overall service efficiency while ensuring a seamless and contactless transaction process, meeting the evolving expectations of today's tech-savvy patrons.

Toast reporting delivers real-time insights for your bar's performance, accessible remotely from any device with a cloud-enabled interface. With a user-friendly design, it offers comparative reporting, day-of-the-week filters, and a product mix report to track beverage sales. Receive automatic nightly emails with key metrics, eliminating the need for manual analysis. Toast ensures quick access to essential data, allowing you to make informed business decisions without delays or extra steps.

Toast offers reliable 24/7 support with live assistance available even during the busiest times, ensuring assistance is just a phone call away, with 70% of employees having hospitality experience.

Toast streamlines restaurant payroll and employee management with a user-friendly platform. The onboarding process is simplified through a mobile-friendly, paperless workflow, and customers on Toast Payroll & Team Management process payroll in under 30 minutes on average. The integrated platform covers team management, timesheets, scheduling, and HR, offering accurate payroll processing across all states, automatic payroll tax filings, and flexible payment options. With features like POS timesheet integration, employee scheduling, tip pooling, and an HR toolkit, Toast provides a single, efficient solution for restaurant operators to save time and enhance overall productivity.

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1 Toast restaurants who add Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ typically see an average increase between 10% and 12% in Toast processing volume. Based on the average impact seen across different Toast restaurant segments. Based on at least 12 months of Toast internal data. Individual results will vary.

2 Over 50% of Toast Payroll & Team Management customers process payroll in 30 minutes or less. Results may vary.

3 Based on a comparison of 2020-2021 gross sales among quick service restaurants on Toast and limited service restaurants nationally, as reported by the National Restaurant Association's State of the Restaurant Industry 2022. This is not intended as a direct comparison and restaurant populations and methodologies may vary.

* Pricing applies to new customers and single locations only.

** Toast Easy Pay is a 180-day lease with an option to purchase. Toast will hold back 1.75% of your sales and any unpaid amount will be due at 180 days via ACH. Software is billed monthly. Terms and conditions apply; see your lease agreement for details. Toast may change or discontinue this product at any time. Toast Easy Pay is unavailable to Mid-Market or Enterprise customers.

*** Pay-as-you-Go pricing applies to new customers and single locations only. Plan is subject to a Platform Fee which is applied to each transaction and begins when customers start transacting. Plan is subject to a 2 year agreement.

**** Includes installation, shipping, handling, and taxes.