Best Food Delivery Software: Top 10 Food Delivery Software (2024)

Best Food Delivery Software

Your guests want delivery – here is the best food delivery software for your restaurant.

Manage your delivery orders with ease by using food delivery software. This allows restaurant owners to take control of their growth and success amid the demand for food delivery. 

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of the best food delivery software and services on the market. 

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Choosing the Best Food Delivery Management Software

As a restaurant owner, there are a few key things to consider when deciding on delivery software. 

Use the delivery services that are the smartest for your business. What features do you want your software to have? Common food delivery software includes:

  • Point of sale integration

  • Local delivery with a reliable team of drivers

  • A consumer marketplace

  • Marketing assistance

  • Client and customer support

No two restaurants are alike – choose the best delivery service for your restaurant, local market, and client base.

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Toast Delivery Services

Toast delivery services, coupled with Toast point of sale and the Toast TakeOut app, offers a full range of solutions for restaurants of any size. 


  • Manage your delivery orders and drivers from your Toast point of sale system.

  • Fire online delivery orders directly to the kitchen.

  • Local drivers are ready to dispatch when your orders come in.

  • Adjust your own order minimums.

  • Reporting and analytics help you maximize scheduling, productivity, and sales.


No commission fees, ever. Flat fee per order. Start for free, $165/month for the Essentials package, including POS, Toast TakeOut, and Toast Delivery Services.

Uber Eats

UberEats has one of the most active marketplaces and offers a range of food delivery solutions.


  • A team of reliable delivery drivers nationwide

  • An active consumer marketplace that will expose you to new customers.

  • Client and customer support directly through the UberEats app.

  • Reporting to help your growth


  • No point of sale integration, so you have to have an extra device around.

  • A lot of competition with UberEats’ partners.


Pricing for UberEats is variable depending on the solutions you want for your restaurant. 

UberEats charges restaurants a commission of 15% to 30% on each delivery, and 6% on pickup orders.


ChowNow is a standard suite of delivery solutions for restaurants – what makes it unique is custom branded websites and apps that they build for your business.


  • A network of local delivery drivers to serve your restaurant and guests.’

  • Integrations for some restaurant point of sale systems.

  • A suite of marketing tools to expand brand awareness.

  • Branded customer-facing websites, so that there’s no interference between your brand and the guest.


  • Limited range for deliveries.

  • Available only in certain locations.


Each ChowNow delivery will cost the restaurant and diner both a “flex fee” of 3.99, which the restaurant can choose to pass on to the diner.


GrubHub is popular with restaurants for a reason – it offers flexible food delivery management options.  


  • Order management integrates with some point of sale systems.

  • Flexible delivery service – supplement your drivers with GrubHub’s team to extend your restaurant’s reach.

  • Excellent technical support for customers and clients.


  • GrubHub’s marketing and delivery services are separate solutions.


The pricing structure for Seamless is identical to GrubHub which charges restaurant partners a 5%-20% commission on pickup orders and deliveries. 


DoorDash provides clients with enterprise delivery solutions that are great for restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and other retailers. 


  • The range of solutions means there’s a package for every business.

  • A team of Dasher delivery drivers is a large, reliable network.

  • Software integrates with some restaurant point of sale systems.


  • The DoorDash marketplace puts restaurants in competition with grocery stores and markets, not just other restaurants.


The price to get started with DoorDash delivery dispatch software depends on the size of your business. DoorDash charges clients a 15-30% commission on delivery orders, plus an additional $6.99-$10.99 in delivery fees for on-demand deliveries.

Offering delivery solutions for restaurants, laundry, groceries, and liquor, has built an expansive network and marketplace. Many offices order food with, so it’s best for restaurants that can handle frequent catering-size orders.


  • Large B2B customer base for catering and offices – great for catering companies and enterprise restaurants.

  • A large, active online marketplace of restaurants.

  • A nationwide network of partners and drivers.


  • Less brand recognition than competing delivery software.

  • Doesn’t offer integration with point-of-sale systems.

  • Competition with markets and grocery stores on the marketplace.

Pricing offers variable pricing to restaurants but the standard commission is around 15% per order. Additionally, their website claims that the service charges restaurants no delivery fees.


HungerRush offers delivery management that integrates directly with their line of restaurant solutions for pizzerias, fast-casual, and full-service restaurants.


  • Integrates with HungerRush point of sale systems, which provides access to HungerRush’s range of solutions.

  • Great customer support for restaurant partners.

  • Empowers you to manage your team of delivery drivers.


  • Doesn’t provide managed delivery services.

  • Delivery dispatch management isn’t compatible with other point of sale systems.

  • Doesn’t not maintain an app marketplace.


The cost of HungerRush delivery services is customized to each restaurant’s needs, and charges standard fees for managed delivery.

Otter Order Manager

The team behind Otter Order Manager understands what it takes to stay competitive in the restaurant industry. The Otter food delivery software package allows you to manage all of your deliveries in one place.


  • Optimize your delivery orders across platforms with one program.

  • Increase sales by automating discounts and promotions.

  • Powerful analytics detail your restaurant’s delivery performance.


  • No managed delivery service or team of drivers.

  • Doesn’t offer marketing assistance to its clients.


The Core package that lets you get started with Otter is $69 per month per location. The Pro package at $89 per month per location offers advanced customer communication.

 Otter offers an advanced reporting insight add-on for $20.


Olo offers flexible delivery solutions designed for the digital age of hospitality.


  • Olo has a nationwide network of delivery drivers dedicated to their client's restaurants.

  • Flexible delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  • Synch operations directly with your restaurant’s point of sale system.


  • Olo doesn’t operate an app marketplace or help partners market their restaurants to potential guests.


Olo offers custom pricing to partners interested in their online ordering, delivery, and contactless payment solutions.

Slice Complete

Slice puts a contemporary spin on classic pizza delivery.


  • Slice operates a pizza-focused app marketplace and helps partners market their pizzerias.

  • Integrates directly with Slice Register point of sale systems

  • Advanced marketing assistance for your pizzeria.


  • Only available in select locations.

  • Doesn’t have a network of drivers – partners must hire and manage their delivery drivers.


Only the Slice Complete package offers delivery management software, along with the full range of Slice solutions.

Best Food Delivery Dispatch Software for 2022: Toast Delivery

Toast Delivery offers a streamlined enterprise restaurant delivery experience at the best possible cost: 0% commission on orders. Free up valuable labor in your restaurant by firing orders directly to the kitchen through integration with the Toast TakeOut app.

Take control of your restaurant’s delivery with Toast Delivery, which is optimized to help you make the best decisions for your business. Developed with restaurant owners in mind, Toast Delivery is full-stack food delivery management software.

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