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What is a chef?

Learn all about what a chef does, how much they're paid, and much more!

Restaurant Chef Tips: 21 Kitchen Hacks From the Experts

Restaurant Chef Tips: 21 Kitchen Hacks From the Experts

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What is a chef

What is a chef?

A chef develops and tests recipes for restaurants and corporate kitchens. They are trained to understand flavors, cooking methods, and food chemistry. They must have the skills and knowledge to prepare a wide range of cuisines. In a French brigade kitchen, this role is called chef de cuisine.

Chefs are adept cooks and usually earn their titles through years of culinary education and experience in kitchens. They can work in commercial kitchens, private kitchens, or industrial-scale food production.

What are a chef’s duties and responsibilities?

As an essential role in the restaurant industry, chefs must be able to perform a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Creating the menu for the restaurant

  • Testing and researching new recipes 

  • Quality control of all menu items

  • Determining how food and beverages should be presented to guests

  • Creating replicable processes for line cooks and prep cooks

  • Ordering and buying ingredients and keeping track of inventory

  • Managing the kitchen staff

  • Resolving problems between workers

  • Keeping track of food, beverage, and labor costs

  • Cooperating with the restaurant’s owners and managers

  • Preparing food and knowing a wide variety of cooking methods

  • Understanding flavors, textures, and the chemistry of food

  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment

How much are chefs paid?

There is a wide range of salaries for chefs. Starting out, many chefs make around $50,000 annually. The range of salaries for chefs is typically between $30,000 and $80,000 annually. Chefs that work in high-end restaurants, private chefs, and industrial research & development chefs are commonly paid the most in the industry. 

Many chefs become owners and operators in the restaurants where they work. In that case, their salary is directly related to how well the business performs, and the earning potential is much higher, along with the risks.

What are the qualities that make a good chef?

There are many qualities that make a good chef–knowledge, practical skills, patience, teamwork, and consistency top the list. Chefs should be creative and able to come up with new recipes using the ingredients on hand. They should also be able to cook, using practical skills to make delicious meals.

Good chefs are also good leaders, knowing how to prioritize different cooks’ skills and manage time efficiently. Patience is a good characteristic of a chef so that they don’t get demoralized when a process goes wrong.

Efficiency is often the mark of a good chef, whether it’s with knife skills, cooking methods, or counting inventory. Chefs often need to be able to create on the fly with limited ingredients. And, they should have the skills and knowledge to quickly produce quality dishes.

How to become a chef?

Most chefs attend a culinary institute to learn the skills and knowledge required for the job. Then, they work their way up through the ranks of kitchens to demonstrate their skills. Many restaurants require chefs to “stage”, working for a trial period before getting hired full-time.

Culinary education prepares graduates to cook in a variety of different styles and use ingredients from around the world. Beyond kitchen skills, many culinary programs also prepare students to be able to run a business effectively.

How to hire a chef?

Hiring a chef starts with deciding what kind of chef you want to hire–executive chefs, pastry chefs, sous chefs, etc. all perform different roles in the kitchen. Depending on a chef’s experience, they will also bring different skills and proficiencies to the job.

While posting job ads online can be a good way to meet qualified candidates, getting to know the people you will trust in this critical role is important. If you are opening a restaurant or trying to hire a new chef for an establishment, ask detailed questions of candidates. Don’t be afraid to call their references or ask them to display their skills by cooking or leading a team.

“Staging” is a common practice in the restaurant industry that lets you get a feel for a chef’s skills and leadership style before offering them a position full-time. 

To hire great talent, ask local culinary schools about their impressive recent graduates. Be sure to set precise expectations for any open positions. Each chef brings unique skills and knowledge to their position, so it might not be easy to find the perfect fit for your kitchen!

Becoming a chef is often the result of a passion for cooking and good food. But, the road to being a chef takes years of hard work and education. Chefs have challenging jobs and the work can be tiring, but many people find fulfillment in making great meals for others.

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