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What is a Kosher Restaurant?

Learn more about what food is considered Kosher, how to start a kosher restaurant, and how much it costs to open one.

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Opening a Restaurant Checklist

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A kosher restaurant is a restaurant or deli that serves kosher food. Learn more about what food is considered Kosher, how to start a kosher restaurant, and how much it costs to open one.

What is a Kosher restaurant?

A kosher restaurant is a restaurant that serves kosher food. Kosher food refers to food that complies with the dietary rules followed by traditional Jewish law. This means that not only does the restaurant serve food that meets the religious requirements, but the business itself will operate under other certain Jewish laws, such as not mixing dairy and meat and preparing meat and other foods in a specific way. A kosher restaurant will also close its operations during Jewish holidays and celebrations; for example, a kosher restaurant will close on Saturdays for Shabbat.

Some of the main restrictions for a kosher restaurant include no serving of pork or shellfish and any other animal meats must have been slaughtered by a certified person, such as a rabbi. Some kosher restaurants will either only serve dairy products or only meat; but there are kosher delis, which serve both, but keep them in separate areas of the business.

What is the history of Kosher restaurants?

Eating kosher food is a long-standing tradition of the Jewish people and is essential to Jewish culture. Kosher food spread when Jewish people were facing discrimination in Spain and migrated to other countries as well as America. Some of the first Jewish immigrants traveled to the Netherlands in 1654 and brought their kosher food traditions to the city of Amsterdam. Then, in the 18th century, the demand for kosher food increased globally as more Jewish immigrants migrated to various countries. 

During the Industrial Revolution in America, Jewish inventors created different kosher foods with new technological advances, allowing kosher foods to be sold across the United States. In 1915, New York passed the first law for kosher foods, which stopped businesses from selling or labeling non-kosher foods as kosher.

What is typically on the menu at a Kosher restaurant?

Many different foods can be considered kosher as long as it does not contain any pork or shellfish and is prepared according to Jewish laws. That being said, there is such a thing as a kosher steakhouse, Indian restaurant, Italian restaurant, and even a kosher seafood restaurant (as long as there is no shellfish being served). Thus, there are a variety of different foods you can see at a kosher restaurant, it’s more a matter of no pork, shellfish, or non-kosher meats being offered.

Kosher delis tend to be very popular as the meats will be prepared according to Jewish laws, so you can typically find a good selection of cold cuts for sandwiches. A popular kosher fish meal is whitefish salad and herring. A kosher meat restaurant will usually offer Middle Eastern-style food, such as shawarma.

Bagels, pizza, and falafel also tend to be popular kosher menu items.

How do you start a Kosher restaurant?

Before you open a kosher restaurant, you must understand the Jewish laws and restrictions associated with serving kosher food. To operate a truly kosher restaurant it is extremely important to honor these practices and ensure your business is following kosher guidelines. This may mean you need to secure a partnership to source kosher foods, especially meat, from a kosher-certified butcher or source.

Once you identify how to source and identify kosher food, you can then decide what type of food or cuisine you want to sell. Since many different cuisines can be made kosher, you might want to conduct market research to help identify what your community wants and what types of kosher food are lacking in your area. Writing a business plan will help you organize your concept, and ideas and will make the process of opening a kosher restaurant much easier.

To help you get started with your own restaurant, we put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to open a restaurant.

How much does it cost to start a Kosher restaurant?

To start a kosher restaurant you will first need to consider the size of your location and what format your business will follow, as this will greatly impact the cost. Opening a kosher food truck or kosher street cart may be a more affordable option compared to the costs of opening a restaurant. 

Restaurant startup costs can vary based on location, local rent prices, whether you have furniture and seating, renovation needs, and more. The average cost to open a restaurant can range from $100,000 to $2 million.

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