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Top 20 Travel Food Blogs in 2024


Caroline PriceAuthor

Food is an essential part of travel – what’s a better way to experience a culture than through its cuisine? But deciding where to go can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for inspiration for the best travel and food finds across the world, these blogs are some go-to options.

  1. The Travel Bite

  2. Roadfood

  3. 2foodtrippers

  4. Legal Nomads

  5. Authentic Food Quest

  6. Will Travel for Food

  7. The Culinary Travel Guide

  8. Cuisine and Travel

  9. Nomadic Foodist

  10. Wanderzest

  11. Chef Travel Guide

  12. Food Fun Travel

  13. Girl Eat World

  14. Eat Your World

  15. Our Tasty Travels

  16. Ever in Transit

  17. Never Ending Voyage

  18. With Husband in Tow

  19. Bacon is Magic

  20. Flights and Foods

Best adventure in your own kitchen: The Travel Bite

If you want to try foods from around the world without leaving your house, The Travel Bite is the blog for you. And if you do want to leave your kitchen, they have some great suggestions on the best foodie travel destinations. 

Best for road trips: Roadfood

A fitting name, Roadfood should be the go-to resource for anyone heading out on a road trip. With maps outlining the best eats all over the country, Roadfood also categorizes each stop, and lets you know which are worth a detour and which are worth a return trip.

Most extensive food guides: 2foodtrippers

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch started their travel adventure in 2012, after quitting their corporate jobs. Now, they travel the world and try something new everywhere they go, visiting some of the best food destinations in the world. Check out their city food guides, you won't be disappointed. 

Strongest evolution: Legal Nomads

Jodi started Legal Nomads to share travel stories and photos. Now, it’s a way for her to share her love of food and travel, but also her experience with chronic pain and grief – and how she stays resilient in difficult times.

Best community builders: Authentic Food Quest

Authentic Food Quest is all about building community through sharing recipes, organizing food tours, cooking classes, and more. Founders Claire and Rosemary share authentic food recipes and food guides, with a focus on immersive food experiences, learning, and exploring traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Longest running: Will Travel for Food

At over 12 years old, Will Travel for Food has to be one of the longest-running travel blogs we’ve featured. From South Africa to Italy to Cuba and more, Mayssam has been just about everywhere – her thorough Montreal city guides are a must-see. 

Most unique experiences: The Culinary Travel Guide

If you’re looking for your next travel destination for unique food experiences, The Culinary Travel Guide is the place to look. Nelia has done everything from the “Cooking in Paradise” 5-day festival in St. Lucia, to food tours on 5 different continents. 

Best for dietary restrictions: Cuisine and Travel

With sections on keto, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-carb recipes, Cuisine and Travel has a recipe for just about anyone. And, in addition to recipes, in-depth restaurant reviews, food events, and travel guides, the Cuisine and Travel blog also has articles all about beauty, fitness, and lifestyle. What else could you need? 

Best podcast/blog combo: Nomadic Foodist

With a blog and a podcast, Nomadic Foodist is great for all content consumption preferences. Chris’s goal is to help others understand the world through food, and to motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and experience other cultures.  

Most likely to see on Pinterest: Wanderzest

With aesthetic colors and beautiful photos, you’ll see Wanderlust alllll over Pinterest. From fluffy Japanese pancakes to Dutch hagelslag recipes to travel guides and tips, Wanderzest is the perfect combination of food and travel. 

Most niche: Chef Travel Guide

When it comes to Chef Travel Guide, the more niche the request, the better. Whether you’re looking for the best food in Oaxaca or the best beaches in South Lake Tahoe, Gabriel has the perfect curated list. 

Best for trip planning: Food Fun Travel

Tommo and Megsy are two food and travel photographers and writers with the goal to find (and share!) culinary deliciousness wherever they go. Whether you’re planning a European vacation or a tropical getaway, Food Fun Travel is the place to look for all things food tours, guides, and classes. 

Most extensive travel guides: Girl Eat World

Melissa started Girl Eat World in 2014, with the goal of telling stories from her travels around the world. With extensive travel guides for over 25+ locations, Melissa knows all the go-to spots for planning an amazing trip. 

Most dedicated to culinary preservation: Eat Your World

Eat Your World is a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe, with a focus on the principles of culinary preservation. They believe that tasting the locally grown, sourced, or made food and drinks of a destination are absolutely essential to experiencing it – check out their blog for recommendations for 130+ cities. 

Best photography: Our Tasty Travels

Founders Erin and Brett are food bloggers with a passion for learning and travel. With trips to over 70 countries on six continents, they record their culinary experiences across the globe (with beautiful photography to match). 

Best storytelling: Ever in Transit

Cassie from Ever in Transit shares travel tips, recipes, and stories of her adventures. Her storytelling abilities are also unmatched – check out her blog for experiences in California and around the world.

Best itinerary-makers: Never Ending Voyage

With lists for just about any trip you could think of, Never Ending Voyage is a go-to for building your next travel itinerary. Check out their destination page – you’ll be glad you did.

Funniest anecdotes: With Husband in Tow

Amber and Eric have been traveling the world and documenting their journey since 2012, and have since visited over 70 countries. With travel tips and food guides (and funny stories sprinkled in), With Husband in Tow is a must-read.

Funniest Name: Bacon is Magic

With a focus on avoiding tourist traps and exploring local culture through food, Bacon is Magic has all the tips for your next travel adventure. And, if you’re staying local, they share how to make the best food from around the world in the comfort of your own home.

Most creative: Flights and Foods

Takera’s goal is to explore different countries and cultures, enjoy delicious food, and document her journey along the way. As a writer and photographer, Takera documents the best food finds across the globe, while also advising on where to stay, how to get there, and of course, where to eat.

And there you have it! 20 of our favorite foodie travel blogs. Check them out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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