Configuring your Online Ordering Suite

Thank you for choosing Toast Online Ordering. We can’t wait to help you make digital ordering a key piece of your business. If you would like for someone at Toast to assist with your initial setup, please fill out this FORM, and someone from Toast will follow-up with you via email once the setup is completed. If you would like to do this on your own, follow the steps below to get set up. 

Step #1: Set up your online ordering menu

You'll need to optimize your menu for online ordering. Often you have menus, groups and/or items that cannot be ordered online so you’ll need to set menu item availability. This is the step where you will set what you'd like guests to be able to order online.

Learn more about setting menu item availability.

Step #2: Select your online ordering settings

  1. Turn on online ordering: Enable your account to accept online orders. This is also where you can snooze or disable online orders.

  2. Set approval mode: Choose if you want online orders to fire directly to the kitchen or require manager approval.

  3. Set dining options: Select whether guests will have the ability to order takeout and/or delivery from your online ordering menu.

  4. Set who you want online order checks to be assigned to: We recommend setting up a generic “Online Ordering” employee to avoid tip management issues.

  5. Assign a revenue center: Revenue centers help you segment your sources of revenue in the restaurant. We recommend you create an "Online Ordering" revenue center here.

  6. Choose which payment methods diners can choose from: Set whether guests can pay in-store and/or online, and what forms of payment they can use.

Step #3: Set up auto-firing device

In order to accept online orders, you need to choose one device in your restaurant that will fire orders to the kitchen. This configuration must be enabled in the restaurant one device only.

Step #4: Set your online ordering hours

Set the hours you want diners to be able to place online orders. We recommend you stop taking online orders 1-2 hours prior to close so you won't receive late orders you can't fulfill.

Step #5: Customize your online ordering page

  1. Add your restaurant logo: Make sure your online ordering page matches your brand.

  2. Locate your menu URL: The Toast Tab Page URL on the Restaurant Info page is your online ordering website.You've been given a default URL that can be modified.

Be sure to check out our Online Ordering Frequently Asked Questions as you get set up.