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How Paris Creperie & Cafe Increased Tips by 3x with Toast Restaurant POS

A cafe in Boston lauded for their quick and delicious French cuisine, Paris Creperie puts customer experience above all else. When they had the opportunity to improve line speed, tipping, and online ordering with a modern restaurant point of sale, they jumped on it.

“What makes Paris Creperie so popular is that we really try to give a unique customer experience, and we put that above a lot of things,” says Bella Wattles, supervisor at Paris Creperie. “We want people to have a good time, and we want them to enjoy the product, and that’s more important than anything else.” A fast-paced quick-service restaurant in the heart of Boston, it was important for Paris Creperie that their technology be able to integrate fast payments, easy online ordering, and simple tipping.

Convenience in the Cloud

Before Toast, Paris Creperie was using a system that was not flexible to their needs. The manager had to be present to change anything or to glance at reports. With Toast's cloud-based POS interface, managers and supervisors are now able to make any and all changes online - whether in the restaurant, at home, or on the go.

“We needed something we could tailor to our restaurant, versus having a POS system that we needed to build our sales around,” says Bella.

If a manager has a question about daily sales or labor, he can look at it online without having to be in the restaurant. If a supervisor like Bella has a question about how a menu item is placed, she can make changes and move it herself.

Line Busting With Online Ordering

As a coffee shop, Paris Creperie is especially busy during the week as people stop in for their morning fix, their afternoon fix, or both. To speed up the line, Paris Creperie implemented Toast's built-in online ordering system that allows patrons to order ahead. 

“If [customers] are at work, they can just place their order online. When they pay for it online, the ticket pops up for us. They can just walk over here in about 10 minutes and pick it up,” says Bella. “It’s very easy for them because it eliminates them having to wait in line, and it’s great for us because we still get that order.”

Increase Tips by 3X With Tablets That Flip to Face

As a QSR with a large amount of foot traffic, Paris Creperie sees a fair amount of tips. However, with Toast terminals that easily flip to face the customer, they’ve seen tips increase by 3 times the amount. 

“With Toast, we’re able to swipe people’s credit cards, and the first thing they see when they turn the terminal to face them is a prompt for [tipping]. That’s great for us working in the restaurant industry.”

What’s more, it’s become less of a hassle to track tips at the end of a shift.

“Once the credit card tips go into the system, we don’t have to keep track of them, pull them  out, or divide them on the spot. It’s in the system, so at the end of the shift, we can go in and see what is owed to everyone, divided by the amount of hours they’ve been working that day. It’s super easy for us to see all of that in the end.” 

With a cloud-based POS system, integrated online ordering, and streamlined tipping processes, Paris Creperie's investment in Toast has positioned the restaurant for more revenue, happier employees, and an even better customer experience. 

"Toast has really helped us with getting tips. We're able to just swipe the credit card and the first thing our customer sees when we turn around the terminal to face them is a prompt. Our tips have increased by three times the amount of what we used to get."

Bella Wattles

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