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Toast + CrunchTime

Toast and CrunchTime Integration

Toast has partnered with CrunchTime to provide an integrated solution that will help you manage labor, track inventory, optimize your menu, and identify ways to cut down on food costs.

Food Cost Management 

See exactly how to save money by comparing actual food costs to what costs should have been for any item to easily identify money that is being wasted.

Inventory Management

CrunchTimes web-based solution allows for real-time tracking of all inventory items from ordering to depletion at the restaurants. Journal audits provide detailed tracking of every product from procurement to consumption, including advanced tracking of waste.

Menu Engineering

Engineer more profitable menus by analyzing customer demand, percentage sales contributions, costs, and profit margins. Easily identify your most (and least) profitable items.

Labor Management

Managers can view the schedule, approve staff requests, and communicate messages to relevant team members about shift openings or important updates. The restaurant staff can just as easily offer, pick-up and swag.


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