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Toast and Gratuity Solutions Integration: Tips & Wages Payment Integration

PayDay Portal powered by Gratuity Solutions streamlines the complicated process of automating the calculation, management and payment of tips and hourly wages for FOH & BOH employees, through seamless direct API integrations between your time clock, Toast transactions, payment methods, and payroll reporting platforms. 

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  • Precise
    The most precise, systematic solution for calculating tips. By applying complex calculations where multiple factors are taken in consideration, the system automatically implements multiple “checks and balances” before reporting and paying out to prevent any miscalculations

  • Automated
    A completely automated flow of data from the time your employee clocks in for a shift – to receiving a tips/wage payments – to payroll processing/reporting. The only truly automated tips and wages solution on today’s market

  • Price
    Pricing structure features a pay-as-you-go model reflecting full coverage for tipped employees. Includes 24/7 online access, data storage, support, and gratuity management liability insurance

  • Bottom Line
    SaaS platform manages employee gratuities, or tips, on a daily basis. Save management's time, prevent exposure to liability and eliminate doubt among employees to promote positive morale in the workplace

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