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Toast + me&u

The smarter mobile ordering platform

me&u is a mobile ordering and payment platform. 

We are all about the blend of hospitality and tech. Our smart technology and human-led value systems are at the core of driving transformation across the hospitality industry by offering highly personalized ordering experiences and payment options for both customers and venues around the world. By partnering with me&u, world class hospitality venues across Australia, UK and the US have unlocked more revenue and created better guest experiences. 

Benefits of Toast + me&u

  • Elevate the guest experience. With a 97.5% net promoter score, your guests will love using me&u. They will spend less time waiting for a server, more time with friends and our seamless UX makes it a super easy and convenient experience.

  • Boost sales and profitability. With me&u, guests spend 27.5% more. Increase second round frequency, suggest up-sells and more with our dynamic and smart menu.

  • Superior integration. With the me&u and Toast direct integration unlock purpose built features to drive revenue such as Featured Product, Promotions, Tips and Tabs.

  • Marketing tools. Create loyalty for your venue and drive repeat visits with our marketing integrations across multiple platforms.

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