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Toast + xtraCHEF

Toast and xtraCHEF Automate Invoice Management

xtraCHEF is an automated accounts payable processing & cost management platform built for the restaurant industry.

xtraCHEF helps restaurants save time and money by eliminating manual accounting and inventory management tasks, automating food cost analysis, and improving purchase decisions. We digitize and archive your invoices, extract the line-item detail from those invoices, and return the data in a timely manner and in a format that is easy to view, analyze, and share.

3 Easy Ways to Capture Invoices

  • Mobile - Simply point your camera at an invoice with our mobile app (iOS & Android) & xtraCHEF detects, captures, and corrects the image for processing
  • Desktop - Want to scan a stack of invoices from a centralized office? No problem! Scan as many invoices as you want & our technology will recognize, isolate and save each invoice separately
  • Email - Email bills, receipts, and invoices to a dedicated inbox for each location

Keep Kitchen Staff, Managers & Bookkeepers off of Keyboards

  • Say goodbye to manually keying, coding, and paper-pushing purchase information.
  • Assign GL codes and categories once & xtraCHEF codes and categorizes those items automatically going forward.
  • Integrate this data directly to your other systems including Accounting & Inventory Management Systems
  • Automatically reconcile periodic vendor statements against invoices captured in xtraCHEF

Improve COGS Visibility with Less Effort

  • Once we've captured your line-item costs, we sync your daily sales data from Toast to give you real-time insights into your Cost-of-Goods-Sold or Budget targets
  • Track food cost ratios, purchase history, product price fluctuations over time and across all locations
  • Set price alerts to ensure that you're not getting blindsided by outsized price fluctuations, vendor errors, or contract pricing variances
  • Configurable invoice approval workflows make it easy to view and approve purchases according to criteria that you determine

Cloud-based Document Management

  • Easily access invoices, credits & receipts in just a few clicks
  • Our powerful search engine makes it easy to quickly find what you're looking for - no paperclips, no paper cuts; no filing cabinets, no fuss

The integration is so painless that it’d be silly not to have it. We automate as much as possible. And we want to reduce the workload on storefronts so our team can focus on what matters the most: the food and the people.

Grant Liebermann

Director of Technology, Dos Toros

Visit xtraCHEF for more information!

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