Toast + xtraCHEF for QuickBooks Online

Sync - A QuickBooks Online Integration for Toast

Sync Toast with QuickBooks Online

Sync, an integration powered by xtraCHEF, allows Toast customers to create daily sales journal entries in QuickBooks Online with no manual data entry or intervention. 

Toast integration with QuickBooks Online is easier than ever with xtraCHEF Sync. Simply sign up and map sales categories to General Ledger (GL) codes in QuickBooks once. Sync will then automatically integrate category-level sales data to QuickBooks Online on a configurable schedule and as quickly as within 24 hours.

By using Sync, restaurant operators and bookkeepers can eliminate the time and expense of using other tools or manual methods to keep their accounting system in sync with their POS. 

xtraCHEF’s QuickBooks Online integration to Toast lets you:

  • Automatically create journal entries in QuickBooks Online exactly as you and your accountant want them to appear in your General Ledger

  • Sync supports multiple units, however your classes are configured in QuickBooks

  • Sync streamlines Toast’s processing fees, which makes reconciliation even faster

  • Sync all types of tender, including cash, credit and gift cards

Sync, xtraCHEF’s integration between Toast & QuickBooks Online, has allowed our customers to immediately save $100/month after switching from a paid service. Additionally, correcting and re-posting is easy and within our control, not tied to a pending support ticket.”

Solomon Wang

Director of Operations at Genuine Article

How to Get Started with Sync

To use Sync, you must have a premium subscription of xtraCHEF. To get started or to learn more, request a consultation with a product specialist.

Improve Profitability with the xtraCHEF Platform

Beyond our Toast integration with QuickBooks Online, xtraCHEF offers a suite of automation tools and data-driven insights to help restaurant operators improve productivity and profits. Toast customers can quickly and easily earn return on their investment in our financial and operational management tools by simplifying back office operations, improving purchasing decisions, and squeezing more margin out of every sale.

Visit xtraCHEF for QuickBooks Online for more information!

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