Introducing Toast Hardware: The Future of Point of Sale is Beautifully Designed, Simple to Install, and Easy to Use

Mar 03, 2020

Boston, MA (March 3, 2020)Toast, the fastest-growing restaurant management platform in the U.S., today launched Toast Hardware, a suite of point of sale tools designed by Toast for the restaurant community. Building on the success of Toast Go® — the leading handheld point of sale for the restaurant industry — Toast Hardware is purpose-built and optimized for easy installation and high-speed performance; it supports all payment options including tap, dip, and swipe.

Created specifically for Toast Point of Sale, Toast Hardware is three times faster than competing point of sale systems and offers twice the RAM of consumer-grade tablets. The result is beautifully designed hardware that empowers restaurateurs to accelerate speed of service, increase revenue, and deliver delightful guest experiences. 

Toast Hardware includes four new devices:

  • Toast Flex: Designed and built by Toast, the new 14 inch terminal is available in single-screen, guest-facing, and kitchen displays. Toast Flex adjusts in three ways and is constructed to withstand the rigors of the restaurant industry. 

  • Toast Tap: Built for speed, this three-in-one payment processing device supports Near Field Communication (NFC) — including Apple Pay® and contactless payments/digital wallets — Europay Mastercard/Visa (EMV), and Magnetic Stripe Card (MSR). 

  • Toast Printer and Toast Hub: Created to eliminate cable clutter, an embedded Toast Hub features color-coded inputs and just two cords; the entire Toast Hardware configuration sets up in minutes.

“The addition of Toast Hardware grew our team’s productivity, increased our speed of service, and allowed us to serve more guests. I would recommend it to any fellow restaurateur,” said Michael Goodis, service manager at Club Café. “As a full-service restaurant, bar, and cabaret, we are not strangers to brunch rushes, bachelorette parties, and all of the daily surprises that restaurants run into. With Toast Tap’s contactless payment capabilities, we’re saving five seconds per transaction — or an entire 24 hours per month — which ultimately leads to happier employees and guests.”

The benefits of Toast Hardware include:

  • Designed to Blend In: The elegantly crafted Toast Hardware suite is designed to fit within a restaurant’s decor. 

  • Faster Speed of Service: Optimized ordering and payment workflows enable waitstaff to quickly send orders to the kitchen, accelerate turn times, and increase revenue.

  • Built to Withstand the Rigors of a Restaurant Environment: The Toast Hardware suite is IP54 spill-proof rated; this means everyday food and beverage spills no longer result in damaged hardware, slower service, or restaurant downtime.

“For far too long, restaurateurs who care about the design of their space have been forced to compromise on their vision with slow legacy systems, or fragile consumer-grade tablets, when it comes to point of sale technology,” said Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of Toast. “Toast Hardware — designed by our very own team — streamlines restaurant operations without sacrificing elegance, durability, and reliability.” 

To learn more about the Toast Hardware suite, please see here.

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