Toast is the First Restaurant Technology Platform to Offer Direct Integrations With the Five Largest Delivery Brands; Maximizing Profitability of Takeout and Delivery

Nov 16, 2021

Today, Toast announced that it is the first restaurant technology company to offer direct point of sale integrations with Caviar, Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats. These are the five largest delivery providers in the U.S., representing a combined 99% market share. Toast also unveiled centralized tools like Orders Hub and channel insights which provide restaurants a single view of data across all Toast and third party channels, allowing them to better manage their orders, see how each channel is contributing to sales and margins, and maximize profits across their takeout and delivery business. 

“Takeout and delivery have become critical to restaurants to reach new guests, but have also created challenges as efforts to grow across multiple third-party channels can result in a loss of control over operations, guest data, and profit margins,” said Aman Narang, President and co-founder, Toast. “Toast puts restaurants in control by bringing the biggest third-party delivery brands into one system, empowering restaurants to reach more guests more efficiently while managing orders and tracking performing from one system.”

How It Works

Toast third-party delivery integrations send third-party orders directly to the Toast point of sale. This allows restaurants to reach more guests more efficiently, get rid of the multiple tablets crowding counter space, and save employees time by removing the need for manual order entry. Toast Orders Hub allows operators to see all first party and third party orders across channels, quickly search for orders, view and update order status, and more with a few clicks. Restaurants can also update all of their menus, hours and items stock from a single screen.

“We estimate we are saving $200 per week, per location with the integrations as staff no longer need to input orders manually and we can do more volume per hour," said Luke Derheim, Director of Operations and Co-Owner, Craft & Crew Hospitality. "In the past, if we had a limited time special item and knew we had to update 10 menus, we wouldn’t do it. Now we do weekly specials with Toast and all those orders come into one terminal, so from our kitchen standpoint, it doesn't really matter where the order comes from. This streamlined process simplifies new staff onboarding, and we know that if we need an answer to an order status it's all in one spot.”

Toast’s new centralized tools do more than simplify management of takeout and delivery. They  give restaurateurs the data they need to maximize profits. Channel insights leverage all first-party and third-party ordering data so operators can view centralized sales, costs and margins by channel to more easily understand and compare their performance across channels to focus on the ones that are driving success. 

"The explosion in takeout and delivery happened so quickly, this is one of the  many challenges we’ve been focused on trying to figure out how to manage it best,” said John Myers, General Manager of Eventide Holdings and a Toast customer. “Having a simple way to go a step beyond that and actually review performance data and optimize how we’re using these tools immediately makes us a smarter business.”

Toast Orders Hub and channel insights build on Toast’s history of helping the restaurant community build and grow healthy and profitable takeout and delivery businesses:

  • Toast Online Ordering empowers restaurants to own their guest relationship and maintain margins by allowing guests to easily order pickup or delivery directly from the restaurant – commission-free.

  • The Toast TakeOut app allows restaurants to access hundreds of thousands of potential new guests and give regulars easy reordering at their fingertips with a mobile ordering app for pickup or contactless delivery, also commission-free.

  • Toast Delivery Services let restaurants dispatch local drivers through an on-demand network to service any delivery order, so they can maintain their margins and guest data.

Restaurant owners and operators can view the Spark session introducing Toast’s latest takeout and delivery solutions here, including Toast's third-party delivery integrations and centralized capabilities like Orders Hub which are available now.

About Toast

Toast [NYSE: TOST] is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital technology platform purpose-built for the entire restaurant community. Toast provides a comprehensive platform of software as a service (SaaS) products and financial technology solutions that give restaurants everything they need to run their business across point of sale, payments, operations, digital ordering and delivery, marketing and loyalty, and team management. We serve as the restaurant operating system, connecting front of house and back of house operations across service models including dine-in, takeout, delivery, catering, and retail. Toast helps restaurants streamline operations, increase revenue, and deliver amazing guest experiences. For more information, visit