Toast POS Releases Integrated Caller ID Ordering

Jun 16, 2016

BOSTON, MA - Toast is pleased to announce the release of an integrated caller ID module for high-volume pizzerias and takeout restaurants.

With this new caller ID feature, Toast will automatically display a customer’s name, phone number, and order history when they call to place an order for takeout or delivery, creating a seamless guest experience.

Caller ID integrates with Toast’s restaurant CRM, or customer relationship management system, which centralizes all restaurant customer data on one dashboard in the POS system. With order history, average ticket size, and phone number integrated with caller ID, restaurant staff can personalize and enhance customer interactions.

“We are excited to give restaurants another avenue to easily connect with their customers,” said Yi Chen, VP of Product at Toast. “This feature will allow Toast restaurants to personalize the guest experience even more. You’ll know right away if the caller is a regular with a favorite combo meal or a new customer ready to be impressed.”

While online orders have more than doubled since 2010, call-in orders are still the most prevalent method of ordering food delivery, according to NPD Group.

For specific restaurant types, such as pizzerias and catering restaurants, integrated caller ID ordering is a must in order to speed up processes.

Integrated caller ID ordering can cut the time it takes to complete a phone order in half because the cashier doesn’t need to spend time asking for the caller’s information for every delivery order.

About Toast, Inc.

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