Toast Payroll: Additional Fees

There are a number of Payroll & Team Management fees that may be charged on a one-time basis depending on the service. These are listed below.


Calendar Request after 12/15

Check Stock

Direct Deposit Reversal / ACH Zero-Out

Insufficient Funds for ACH or Tax Amounts

Off-Cycle Payroll

Printed W-2's

Shipping per Package

Stop Payment

SSN/Name Change Amendments (after company receives W-2s)

Wage Amendment (void, tax, wage adjustment)


$100 per calendar

Available for order direct from vendor

$25 per account

2% of insufficient funds amount or $300 minimum

$50 per pay cycle

$5 per copy

$20 per package

$25 per stop pay

$75 per quarter, $50 per employee (per FEIN)                                   

$400 per quarter, $50 per employee (per FEIN)