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Streamline day-to-day coffee shop operations and set staff up for success

The beginning and end of a shift can be frantic. Use this free PDF checklist to set your coffee shop staff up for success.

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Coffee Shop Whats Inside

What's inside?

  • A PDF checklist including an overview of the importance of using a coffee shop opening and closing checklist, as well as a list of specific tasks that need to be completed when opening and closing

Set your coffee shop staff up for a successful shift, every shift

One of the best ways to prepare for the variable nature of running a coffee shop is by creating a coffee shop opening and closing checklist.

It helps keep your employees accountable, ensures cleanliness standards, reduces mistakes, and increases efficiency.

Plus, an opening and closing checklist can help simplify onboarding for new employees. And tenured staff can benefit, too. As experienced as your staff may be, using checklists for daily procedures also guards against forgetfulness and human error.

That’s why we’re taking out the guesswork. This Coffee Shop Opening and Closing Checklist includes a daily checklist for your team, from cleaning and prepping to safety and finances.