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More orders, more profit – a guide to understanding your restaurant sales

In this Guide to Restaurant Sales, you’ll learn the metrics you need to measure to understand the financial health of your restaurant. Plus, you’ll get tons of great ideas that’ll help you learn how to improve sales in your restaurant.

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Restaurant Sales Guide Landing Page Whats Inside Image

What's inside? Exclusive insights into how to:

  • Assess your current restaurant sales performance
  • Ways to increase revenue
  • Which restaurant sales KPIs you should be tracking to assess the success of your efforts

What are restaurant sales?

Restaurant sales refers to all revenue generated by food sales, beverage sales, merchandise, online orders, phone orders, gift cards, consumer packaged goods, and more.

What is the average sales of a restaurant?

Like everything in the restaurant industry, average restaurant sales vary widely across restaurant types, regions, sizes, and service models.

Read this article for a closer look at average restaurant revenue, then check out this article to learn about restaurant profit margin averages so you can see how you stack up.

How do you calculate restaurant sales?

To keep your business afloat and to make sure it’s not just surviving but thriving, you’ve got to do periodic financial health checkups. And the more often you do these checkups, the better.

Many businesses do them quarterly, but doing them monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly will help you get ahead of problems before they grow.

To do a proper restaurant financial checkup, you’ll need to calculate a number of metrics and KPIs based on the data available from the sales report in your restaurant point of sale system.

The Guide to Restaurant Sales has a full section devoted to helping you understand how to analyze your restaurant’s financial health.

How do you build sales in a restaurant?

Restaurant sales can be unpredictable, fluctuating depending upon factors like seasonality, competition, the economy, and many more.

But there are specific ways you can effectively boost restaurant sales, from tried-and-true techniques to more innovative approaches. The Guide to Restaurant Sales covers some of these tactics.

Get the Guide to Restaurant Sales

Deciding to shake things up in your restaurant operations to improve your sales can be daunting, but if you go in with a well-thought-out plan, it can make all the difference.

Download the Guide to Restaurant Sales to learn how to get an understanding of your business’s financial health. You’ll then learn specific ways you can effectively boost restaurant sales and how to measure the success of your initiatives.

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