Toast Prohibited Items

Toast may prohibit or otherwise restrict the ability of Merchants to use Toast’s payment processing services in connection with the sale of certain products or services, or certain transaction types, as further described in the Toast Merchant Agreement. The list of such products, services or transaction types may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Adult services: Adult entertainment, all types of pornography, escort services, dating services, and mail order brides

  • Card-not-present tobacco sales including e-Cigarettes and “vape” supplies and accessories

  • Cash back: Cash advances or manual cash disbursement, including quasi-cash

  • Digital credits: Virtual currency and credits that can be monetized or re-sold

  • Donations: Donations that are not tied to the sale of a physical good

  • Drugs: Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Gambling: Lotto, odds making services, games of chance, internet gaming, daily fantasy sports, raffles, contests, sweepstakes, special incentives, sports forecasting, the offering of a prize as an inducement to purchase goods or services, and other gambling-related services

  • In-house financing: Collections services, credit repair services, and payday loan services

  • Marijuana: Marijuana-related products or by-products, including CBD and hemp

  • Pharmaceuticals: Supplements, pseudo-pharmaceuticals, hormone-based pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, any substance designed to mimic an illegal drug, or any food/beverage additive that is unregulated or not approved by the FDA

  • Prepaid phone cards and prepaid phone services

  • Sale of mobile minutes

  • Weapons

  • Any sale of any product or service at a Merchant location outside of the United States of America

  • Any sale of any product or service in violation of any law, statute, or regulation