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2.5% increase in tips
since implementing Toast

Customer Story

BANG on Track to Increase Earnings by 12.5% with Toast All-in-one Restaurant Management Platform

Learn how the upscale casual dining restaurant in Ireland is seeing success by using Toast as a one-stop shop.

BANG restaurant and wine bar, located on Merrion Row in the heart of Dublin City, has been a mainstay in the Dublin restaurant scene for 20 years and counting.

The upscale casual dining eatery serves up everything from brown bread with cultured butter to Wexford lamb served with Hispi cabbage, oyster mushroom, pistachio, and jus. Their ingredients are carefully sourced and innovatively prepared, all within a venue that delivers on the ambiance.

So when it came time to find a new restaurant management platform, they knew they needed something that could deliver the same experience their guests had become accustomed to while improving on their front- and back-of-house operations. 

BANG researched and considered more than 15 other restaurant technology and point of sale (POS) partners before talking to Toast but, according to Owner Joe Barrett, found that it was “quite clear that Toast is far superior to anything else offered in the market.” 

“Toast was the only [restaurant platform] that really encompassed everything we were looking for,” says Richie Barrett, Manager of BANG. “It’s improved the overall efficiency of the restaurant and just made it easier to run.”

Toast Point of Sale
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Cutting down on the back and forth while serving orders faster with Toast handheld POS devices

The Toast Go® 2 is built to handle the details, the rush, and everything in between. When used tableside, the handhelds can prevent input errors and fire orders directly to the kitchen before the server even walks away. By implementing tableside ordering with Toast handhelds alongside a kitchen display system (KDS), BANG has seen ticket turn time improve by more than 6%, finding that the dishes are coming out faster because the orders are going in faster. 

When asked how the Toast Go® 2 could be improved, Thelma — a server at BANG — said, “If we could get it to carry our bus tubs…” she laughed. “That’s the only thing it’s not doing for us.” Front-of-house staff, like Thelma, no longer have to wait for a POS or payment terminal to free up to fire an order. With a Toast Go® 2 in their hand, they’re increasing server efficiency and speed of service. 

And when it comes to improving your restaurant operations, technology doesn’t just serve the restaurant staff, it also serves your guests. “Happy servers equal happier customers,” Richie says — and the tips seem to agree. Since implementing Toast, tips have increased 2.5% for the same amount of work, or sometimes even less work thanks to the efficiency of the Toast Go® 2 handhelds.

But the benefits don’t stop there. BANG has been able to reduce one person per shift due to the effectiveness of the Toast handhelds. This is especially critical during the ever-rising labor shortages in Europe. By incorporating the New Steps of Service model from Toast, BANG has started operating more efficiently in nearly every facet of the front-of-house.

Toast Go® 2
The Next Generation of Handheld POS

The importance of working with a team of restaurant professionals that “get it”

Switching your restaurant software can be a daunting task. But BANG found that onboarding with Toast was both smooth and supportive. As a company for restaurant people by restaurant people, the support Toast provides is both knowledgeable and genuine — coming from a place of “we’ve been there.” When choosing a new POS platform, BANG recognized the unique benefit of partnering with a team who genuinely understands restaurants, and has been impressed with the experience so far. 

Benefitting from the one-stop shop of the Toast platform

Implementing Toast at the restaurant hasn’t just improved the front-of-house operations. BANG has found that nearly every aspect of running their restaurant has changed.

Toast has changed our end of day and back office management really significantly.

- Joe Barrett, Owner

- Joe Barrett, Owner

“It’s simplified all the procedures for the administrative staff at night and is probably eliminating five to seven hours a week in terms of that work,” Joe adds. Plus, the flexibility of being able to log into the Toast platform from anywhere, at any time, has given him more freedom as a restaurant owner.

“I love Toast because the service industry is all about the anticipation of customer needs,” Richie shares. “It's incredible to have a one-stop shop that completely understands every aspect of our business.”

Based on self reported results from 2023 comparing restaurant performance after switching to Toast with historical averages from performance when using their prior POS system. Does not account for confounding factors. Actual results will depend on several factors and individual results will vary.

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