Inventory Analytics

Toast + Drink Exchange

Dynamic "Stock Market" Pricing for Bars & Restaurants

The Drink Exchange is your advantage. The items are displayed on TV's in the bar and the prices change based on real time demand. You have full control over the price change parameters. Pick and choose the items you want to take part in the Drink Exchange Market. The system is cloud based and takes under 30 minutes to set-up. The Drink Exchange automatically reads sales data from Toast and applies discounts to the check to automatically adjust the prices.

  • Push Inventory & Increase Sales
    Patrons want to participate in the market and will purchase the items you list in the Drink Exchange at an exponentially higher rate.

  • Increase Profits by over 20%
    List your high profit margin items in the Drink Exchange. Your patrons will purchase these at a higher rate and your profits will increase.

  • Enhanced Analytics & Analysis
    The Drink Exchange combines with Toast to provide detailed sales data at each price point.

  • Increase in Customers
    As word of mouth spreads, new patrons will come in just to experience the Drink Exchange.

My patrons love the Drink Exchange! The ability to push inventory & influence demand is powerful, and the integration with Toast is seamless. This has been a real game changer for us.

Visit Drink Exchange for more information!

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