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The New Steps of Service pays off. Here's how much...

The New Steps of Service, powered by Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, is a new service model shaking up restaurants across the country. Use this calculator to learn how it can benefit your restaurant and impact your bottom line.

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Whats Inside

What's Inside?

  • A customizable calculator to help you understand how the New Steps of Service, powered by Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, could benefit your business, including estimates of how it can increase monthly revenue and reduce front of house labor costs.

the new steps of service roi calculator

What is the New Steps of Service?

The New Steps of Service, powered by Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, is an emerging service model that’s helping restaurant operators run healthier, more durable businesses, all while meeting guests’ changing expectations about how technology and hospitality can come together to create a better dining experience.

What are the benefits of the New Steps of Service?

By empowering your guests to take control of their ordering and payment experience, you can increase sales while decreasing front of house (FOH) labor costs.

In a restaurant running on the New Steps of Service, guests are more likely to order more food and drinks throughout their visit because they can order whenever they're ready. Plus, with the entire menu available at their fingertips at all times, they're more likely to choose an upsell item like top-shelf liquor, additional sides, or paid modifiers like that five-year aged cheddar or extra guacamole.

Since guests are now in control of ordering and paying for their meal, your servers are freed up from transactional tasks like punching in orders and processing payment, and have more time to spend on providing great hospitality through greeting tables, making recommendations, doing table touches, and ensuring guests have everything they need. By empowering your servers to operate like floor captains through this model, you can cover the floor with fewer servers and reduce your overall FOH labor cost.

Wondering how the New Steps of Service with Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ could benefit your business? Use the New Steps of Service ROI Calculator to see for yourself.

To learn more about the New Steps of Service, read this guide and watch the explainer video.