Inventory Accounting Analytics

Toast + Backbar

Streamline beverage operations and increase profitability

Backbar is a user-friendly solution to manage alcohol inventory and purchases. Manage inventory and sales in one place to lower costs and increase profits with clear oversight. With Backbar you can cost drinks and recipes, track metrics like cost-of-goods, variance, and usage rates, and place orders with your vendors. Connect Toast with Backbar and enjoy real-time inventory updates along with sales and profit reports. Backbar provides total bar management to simplify your every day. 

Benefits of Toast + Backbar

  • Real-time inventory updates
    Stock quantities update automatically from sales so you always know what's in stock. Get up-to-date inventory data on your phone without spending hours taking counts.

  • Simplify ordering with vendors
    Our network of 1800 suppliers makes placing and managing orders easy with automated item cost updates and alerts.Quickly onboard by importing items from purchases.

  • Prevent loss with more oversight
    See where you're losing money with inventory variance tracking. Compare sales data to inventory counts in one report to plug leaks in your bar program.

  • Reduce costs & grow profits
    View sales and cost-of-goods by item to separate high-profit products from the bottles collecting dust. Optimize your bar program to increase profits while shedding costs

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