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Toast + inKind Capital

Modern Restaurant Financing Built by Restaurateurs

inKind finances & markets restaurants in exchange for food & beverage credit. Guests buy credit & pay from their phone.

inKind's unique funding model helps restauranteurs grow their businesses by offering low-cost financing and marketing support that doesn't require paying back a loan or sacrificing ownership. 

Instead, inKind provides upfront capital in exchange for food and beverage credit, which it then sells to guests via the inKind mobile app. You just serve the guests over time as they use the credit. With this integration, guests experience a seamless check-closing process that feeds directly into Toast.

Key Benefits

  • Receive Lowest Cost of Capital
    No loans or cash repayments, you only incur cost when a guest redeems the food and beverage credit we buy from you. Credit takes years not months to be used up.

  • Get Marketing Support
    We help you engage your guests through email, text and social media. New guests gain access to inKind's network of foodies who can discover you in the app.

  • Use Capital for Anything
    No debt or giving up ownership, you keep your profits. Get more from guests who avearage an 80% increase in spend and come in 2.5x as often.

  • Guest Experience
    Instant and seamless checkout without waiting for a server. Reward customers with bonus food & beverage credit, and we help curate exclusive experiences for them.

inKind should be a part of any restaurant's financing strategy: There's equity, debt, equipment financing, and now, inKind.

Sam Bakhshandehpour

President, Jose Andres Restaurant Group

Visit inKind Capital for more information!

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